Review: Tom Watson Lessons of a Lifetime DVD

Private Lessons from Tom Watson at Your Home
Many golfers are not comfortable going to their local pro and taking lessons; they are self conscience, paranoid or just feel that it isn’t worth the money.  While every golfer can use lessons regardless of their level, beginning golfers might need a little more help to get them pointed in the right direction.  Tom Watson’s Lessons of a Lifetime DVD series offers a comprehensive overview of every detail of learning the game of golf.  Discs 1 and 2 are basic stuff that can even help an experienced golfer, while disc 3 offers advanced instruction for a more seasoned golfer.  The best part is the ability to take lessons from Tom Watson right at home.
The DVDs are broken up into small clips that you can focus on certain aspects of your game that might need help.  You just go to the menu and pick hitting a draw and there is a couple minute video showing Tom Watson teaching how to accomplish this shot.  If you’d rather sit back and watch them all, they just run in succession very smoothly from beginning to end.

I think the best lesson I learned from Tom Watson’s videos is how to go from the range to the first tee.  How do you make your practice carry over to the course?  His suggestions really worked, especially when that first tee can be so intimidating.  I feel like now I have a purpose and a plan to get ready before each round instead of getting comfortable after a couple holes into it.

Another great section is how to teach others.  As a High School golf coach I’m always looking for pointers on how to help my student athletes achieve their maximum potential.  Tom offers a couple short clips with advice on teaching both young and old the game of golf.  I will certainly be incorporating those ideas into my instruction.  I also think that my incoming and beginning golfers will be required to watch at least the first 2 DVDs to get them started in the right direction.  My varsity golfers will watch the 3rd video with the more advanced instruction that will work for their game.

There are a couple options to make use of these videos.   Part II came out in 2014 so if you would just like the advanced lessons, they are available to purchase separate or if you want get the whole series including discs 1 and 2 from 2010 and disc 3 from 2014 that combo can be bought too.  I think that any and every golfer will find at least a clip or two that will improve their game.  I found so many that I will be re-watching multiple sections of these DVDs over and over.  The booklet included with the DVDs is surprisingly helpful too.  After watching the videos then going to the range or course, the bullet points “cliff notes” of the book made it easy to implement Tom Watson’s teachings.

Golf is a life long game.  It is best if you can learn it properly the first time so you don’t have to reteach, correct and relearn some of the basics.  Tom Watson’s Lessons of a Lifetime videos offer excellent instruction from the most basic aspects of the game to the advanced.  If you want to learn from one of the best golfers right in the comfort of your own home, get Tom Watson’s Lessons of a Lifetime DVD series.

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Quick Hits
+Tom Watson knows his stuff
+Simple style to understand and apply
+Covers every aspect of the golf swing
+Booklet to take with you for reminders
+Offers a couple different options to get something accomplished

–Might not be able to correct everything without help from instructor