Vigor Eyewear Sunglasses Review

Play Harder. See Better. Look Good.


Ryan Heiman
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I protected my eyes with 4 different sunglasses from Vigor Eyewear.  They each offer something unique with their fit, lenses, style and wind protection.  If you are looking for a really nice line up of sunglasses to choose from that are also wallet friendly, you’ve got to check out the Vigor Eyewear Sunglasses line. 

This is the definitive Vigor Eyewear Sunglasses Review for 2023.

Play Harder. See Better. Look Good

Sunglasses are one of the accessories that I never play golf without.  Obviously it makes sense for me living in AZ with intense sun almost every day, but even when I lived in MN, I rarely played without sunglasses.  Protecting my eyes from the sun and dust is vital to good eye health and an enjoyable round.  Vigor Eyewear offers a really great line up of sunglasses.  The “Play Harder” motto speaks to the athletic branding of the glasses as well as their durability.  The “See Better” motto speaks to their lenses which are crystal clear in each version.  The “Look Good” motto is shown in their wide variety of styles so that you can choose one or even more models that you like on your face.


Everyone needs a good pair of aviators.  This style is iconic and classic and can be worn in any situation.  The Vigor Eyewear Brush Sunglasses model has a really nice square shape.  The ear pieces are straight and grip above the ear nicely without squeezing.  They are just big enough to really protect the eyes from wind and dust, without getting big.  These have the blue polarized lenses in them which can be “polarizing”  with golfers.  Some love em, some hate em as the polarized lense creates clarity and brightness but some golfers think it is hard to read greens with them on.  I’ve never had a problem and really like them.  They do however “wash out” some LCD screens on a GPS display. 


Probably the most popular golf style is the Vigor Eyewear Osprey Sunglasses with their wrap around style and 1/2 frame.  These offer excellent side eye protection as well as good sight when you look down at the ball.  The lack of lower frame means nothing to block or distract your eyes when you look down.  Mine came with the Sunset Amber lenses which offer a golden bright tone to everything while still be polarized and protective.  These I found are the best if you are going to leave them on in low light.  Everything pops with these sunglasses on.

Rebel Creek

If the wind is hollowing, the Vigor Eyewear Rebel Creek Sunglasses are your best option.  So if you play a lot in windy conditions, if you ride a bike or do anything that would have wind blowing on your eyes, you can beat the protection of Rebel Creek sunglasses.  They are very sporty with the yellow frames and have a crimson lens which make the red tones really come to life.  These shield the best all the way around your eyes.  Even though they are the largest of the sunglasses they are still very light and comfortable to wear.  They don’t hook behind your ears but they stay firmly on your face even in the wind.


The Vigor Eyewear Sauble Sunglasses are a classic wayfarer look which gives them a laid-back beachy vibe.  They are excellent near the water, on the sand and on the fairways. The acid green lens creates a green brightness on the golf course which make everything you look at pop.  They offer nice style and good straight on eye protection.  I didn’t find the lower frame to bother me when looking down at the ball.  On windy days I prefer more side eye coverage. 


Vigor Eyewear makes really nice sunglasses at the average price of $45.  That is hard to beat such good style, great lenses and good eye protection.  As you can see above the different lenses make different colors and hues pop while keeping your eyes safe from UV rays.  If you are looking to Play Harder, See Better, and Look Good I highly recommend Vigor Eyewear Sunglasses.

For More Information: Vigor Eyewear

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