What Hand Do You Wear a Golf Glove On?

The most common practice is to wear one golf glove and to wear it on your non-dominant hand.

If you play with a right-handed golf swing, you wear a golf glove on your left hand. Conversely, left-handed golfers wear a golf glove on their right hand.

What Hand Do You Wear a Golf Glove On?
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This is the accepted practice, so when you buy a golf glove, the package will say “Right” and have a glove that goes on the left hand, and vice versa.

Of course, as with anything in golf, choosing to wear one (or two) golf gloves is a personal preference.

Reasons For Wearing a Golf Glove

The main reason for wearing a golf glove is to maintain a consistent grip when swinging the golf club. Gloves can help keep moisture from causing your hands to slip on a full swing, as the glove material has more tack than skin. However, you may lose those benefits if a regular glove gets very wet, like when playing in the rain.

Suppose you’re playing in wet conditions; removing the glove between shots is best to keep it as dry as possible. Many players keep an extra glove in their golf bag in case one gets too wet.

Another reason the avid golfer wears a glove is to prevent blisters and callouses. By wearing a glove on your lead hand (or the hand at the top of the golf grip) that has the most contact with the grip, you can reduce friction that irritates the skin.

A regular glove can also offer warmth on the links on a cooler day. As you’ll see below, there are more options for playing when the temperature gets especially low.

A more superficial reason recreational players wear golf gloves is to emulate professional golfers. Many golfers seen playing on the PGA Tour wear a single glove on their lead hand when hitting full shots but go without a glove on shots around the green and while putting.

Types of Golf Gloves

There are many different options when choosing a golf glove, ranging in cost depending on its material. The best golf gloves are made of premium leather that offers the best in terms of performance. Lesser gloves use synthetic material that can still provide feel while keeping down costs. Find the one that is best for you, and you’ll add a valuable piece of golf equipment to your bag.

There are options based on weather conditions, as well. Many companies offer gloves made for playing in rainy conditions, so you don’t have to worry about losing your grip as the precipitation falls. Rain gloves usually come in pairs and material that dries quickly.

Winter or cold weather gloves are also available for players that don’t want to miss a round just because temperatures drop. Winter gloves often come in pairs to keep both hands warm but can restrict your feel of the golf club.

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Two Gloves?

Most players, including professional golfers, only wear one glove when playing under normal weather conditions. However, there are some players that regularly wear gloves on both hands. Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey is the most notable of these. He made his way onto the PGA Tour in 2008 and won the 2012 McGladrey Classic, all while playing the way that worked best for him.

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