What to Wear To A Golf Tournament

If you are going to a golf tournament the easiest thing to do is dress like a golfer.

If you follow that guideline for a dress code, you will always be good.

For men a collared polo shirt and golf shorts or pants. For women, the same as men or a comfortable golf dress or skirt. 

What to Wear To A Golf Tournament


Golf dress code mens


For men, this most likely starts with a collared polo shirt. It doesn’t have to be anything flashy, nor does it have to be tucked in. Other options like golf hoodies and pullovers are acceptable, especially if the weather isn’t great. T-shirts are allowed, but ensure they are neat and don’t display inappropriate content. Avoid wearing clothes you would wear to the gym or the beach, like tank tops or cut-offs.


Unlike players on the PGA Tour, male spectators AREN’T required to wear golf pants or slacks, though you certainly can. Again, if you have a pair of shorts you wear on the golf course, those are more than acceptable. While denim isn’t always explicitly banned from courses, jeans and jean shorts are more likely frowned upon. Stay away from gym shorts, wind pants, or athletic pants.


There’s nothing specific you need to wear in terms of footwear; remember to wear something comfortable if you plan on walking a bunch, like a good pair of tennis shoes. Many courses have a lot of elevation changes and different surfaces, so think practical when choosing your footwear. You certainly don’t have to wear soft spike golf shoes that you’d wear while playing, though you could. You should never appear in metal spikes, as they are prohibited on most golf courses.


A baseball cap, visor, or wide-brimmed hat is suggested and falls within golf tournament etiquette. While it makes sense that any type of branding on the headwear be golf-related, it doesn’t have to be, as long as you avoid inappropriate content.

Golf dress code Headwear



Women have a wide range of acceptable items to wear when attending a golf tournament. Like the men, a polo shirt or a sleeveless collared shirt are great options. Golf hoodies, pullovers, or blouses are also acceptable, as well as t-shirts with no inappropriate content or excessive advertising. Tube tops are not appropriate clothing for spectators.

A comfortable sundress or golf dress is appropriate, especially if the weather is warm. Some major golf tournaments like the “Masters” and “The Players Championship” have outfit ideas and fashion tips for how to look your best while watching the best players in the world tee it up.


Golf skirts you would wear when you play golf are appropriate options, but so are golf shorts and slacks or pants.


Like the men, go for comfort and function when selecting your footwear. No need to wear your soft spikes if you’re just there to watch golf. If you follow a specific player or group from hole to hole, nothing will ruin your day more than a pair of uncomfortable shoes.


Baseball caps, visors, and wide-brimmed caps are all acceptable options for women when attending a golf tournament as a spectator.


There’s not a lot of difference between what a kid should wear and what an adult should wear at golf tournaments. They can dress up like a mini professional golfer, which might get them noticed by players or help when autograph hunting.

At a minimum, ensure they wear neat clothes that don’t have holes, stains, or loud, inappropriate material. Like adults, comfortable shoes will work best for kids, so leave the flip-flops in the car.

Finish the outfit with a cap or visor to help keep the sun out of their faces.

Other Items to Bring

Some other items you will want to have include sunscreen and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun. A small portable folding chair will let you get off your feet a bit. Bug spray is a good idea to have, too. Finally, always check the forecast to be prepared for inclement weather. An umbrella or rain poncho will come in handy if it rains.

Check Before You Go

It’s always best to check out a tournament’s website to see if they have any restrictions, prohibited items, or specific suggestions. For instance, some major tournaments don’t let you have your cell phone, which might impact your plans while there. Most golf clubs will allow you to carry a small purse but check for specifics.

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