REVIEW: Wilson Launch Pad Irons

Every Iron Is Ready To Launch It Like A Hybrid
I have found many golfers hit their hybrids extremely well. They find success off the tee with it, they love it from the fairway, they hit it out of trouble, and they might even chip with it. Hybrids have become very popular and useful in most golfers bags. Considering the benefits of a hybrid, it kind of makes sense that a golfer might consider a whole bag of hybrids. Normal hybrids aren’t designed to replace every club in your bag, only the long irons. The new Wilson Launch Pad irons are super game improvement clubs that play like a hybrids. Get ready to Launch every club with these irons.
The Wilson Launch Pad irons have one goal in mind, to help golfers launch the ball high and straight.  Those are the 2 areas that high handicap golfers struggle with.  Golf is such an easier game if the ball goes where we want it to.  Who would think that little white ball that doesn’t even more would be so hard to hit off the ground in the direction we want.  The concept behind the Launch Pad is a super big sole like a hybrid, heavy sole weight, decent off-set and lightweight to help generate speed.  It works on the course.
The key to the Wilson Launch Pad irons is the sole.  I hate fat soles, give me the thinnest sole on an iron and I am happy.   However, I was blown away by how well I hit these irons.  Normally I hit tons of fat shots with super-game improvement irons, but Wilson did something great with these by creating a smooth progressive bounce angle in the set, I had clean contact on virtually every shot.
The Wilson Launch Pad irons are a hollow body construction which really helps with “pop” off the face.  I was really impressed by how easily these launch into the air.  I hit them rather high with a lot of spin, but yet they carried the full distance I needed and then some.  I played them on a very windy day and didn’t have ballooning issues, even with the extra spin and height.  Between the high initial launch and additional spin, these are going to be great for that golfer that struggles with irons because the launch and spin will help the ball lift and go straight, which is the struggle.
The Wilson Launch Pad irons look better at address than expected.  The pictures don’t always do this justice, but the hybrid style of these clubs is well hidden at address.  The chrome face looks like a normal club with a grey painted body attached to it.  That grey body kind of blends into the ground when you look down on the club so it almost looks like any other chrome iron at address.  The only downside of that big painted “hybrid” body is that it gets dinged up pretty easily as clubs clang around in the bag.  Irons covers wouldn’t work (not like anyone should actually use those anyways) because the heads are too big, but just realize that this will happen with these irons.
The Wilson Launch Pad irons come with KBS tour 80 steel shafts which are lightweight and easy to launch.  I was pretty happy with their stability and balance even though I tend toward 120 shafts.  The Lamkin crossline grips are very nice and come stock as midsize.  The hollow body irons have a hybrid like feel and sound at impact.  It is pretty consistent from long irons to short irons.  It is a touch high pitch as expected, but much like a hybrid, you can certainly tolerate it after so many good shots.
The Wilson Launch Pad irons have great potential to make your irons game better.  I play blades or a players iron in my gamer bag, and these gave them a run for their money.  I shot one of my best scores with these in the bag which is no coincidence, these clubs have game.  While I can’t hit every shot I can with other irons, I did hit the same shot over and over, high and straight.  What I really liked was the amount of spin too, since that is the other factor needed to hold greens.

Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Wilson Launch Pad – 8-iron

  • Spin: 9122 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 25.1*
  • Dispersion: 2.9 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 81.6 mph
  • Ball Speed: 117.5 mph
  • Total Distance:  155.4 yds
  • Carry Distance:  151.9 yds

If you just want to launch your irons better, you might want to consider the Wilson Launch Pad irons.  They are a hybrid for every iron in your bag.  The wide sole helps launch it, while the bounce keeps it from digging.  The hollow body gives it pop and the lightweight design helps you generate speed.  While super game improvement irons don’t appeal to everyone, the lower score these might bring to your game might really put a smile on your face.  If you hit your hybrid well, you need to try the Wilson Launch Pad irons.

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Quick Hits:
+Easy to launch
+Lots of spin
+Hides the fat body well
+Non-digging sole

–Paint gets dinged

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