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Review: Wilson Staff Infinite Michigan Ave. Putter

The "Magnificent Mile" putter
If you are familiar with Wilson Golf, you know that they are a Chicago based company and one of the special places in Chicago is the “Magnificent Mile” it is a section of Michigan Ave. filled with high-end retailers, shops and restaurants.  It is one of those must see places if you visit Chicago.  Ideally you’ll want to have some extra cash to fully enjoy the experience, which you’ll have even after buying this putter.  Wilson pays homage to this special place in their home town with the Infinite Michigan Ave. Putter.
The whole Wilson Staff Infinite Putter line uses local points of interests for their names.  All 6 have a mirrored sole, a milled face, a black/grey PVD finish, counterbalancing technology and a nice price point.  The Michigan Ave. putter is a square head with with heel-toe weighting and short flow neck attached near the heel edge of the putter.  The alignment lines are multiple on the flange and a perpendicular line on the top of the face.  It has a 365 gram headweight which is a little heavier than normal with a 104 gram grip for a higher balance point than it typical putter.  I ordered mine at 34″.  It is a very nice looking package right out off the rack.

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On the course I found it very easy to line up behind the ball with its multiple lines.  The feel is excellent.  The milled face has a nice firm push into the ball.  I found distance control very easy with this putter.  Between the headweight, counterbalance, and milled face, I regularly stroked the right distance on putts.  I didn’t have those surprise ones that can happen with in insert of being way long or very short.

The only reason this putter won’t be my gamer is because this model has a tendency to hit the ball left.  I think the weighting and hosel location don’t make it an ideal fit for my putting stroke.  I found myself on the left side of the hole on almost every miss.  I’m not at a point to retool my putting stroke to fit a putter.  But if you miss right most often on your putts, this is probably a perfect fit for your putting needs.  I’d probably be better off with a different model in the Infinite line.

Even though the price of this putter isn’t “Magnificent Mile” the details and specs are top shelf.  I really liked everything about the putter (except the left misses).  If you are looking for a classic look, nice milling, some counterbalancing technology at a reasonable price, you should check out the Wilson Staff Infinite line of putters.

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For more information:

Quick Hits
+Milled face
+Alignment aid
+Excellent feel
+Reasonably priced

–Missed left with this model

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