The Best Putters in 2024

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Ryan Heiman

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Best Putters 2024

Our Top 3

Best Overall

PING PLD Milled Oslo 3


Who Should Buy:

Golfers who want the best all around putter available in 2024.

Best On A Budget

Cleveland HB SOFT MILLED #1


Who Should Buy:

Golfers who are on a budget but still want a really great putter.

Most Forgiving

TaylorMade Spider Tour X


Who Should buy:

Players who are a little inconsistent with their strokes.

Our List

Insights into Our Top Putter Picks

My name is Ryan Heiman, I have been testing golf clubs since 2011 here at Independent Golf Reviews.

Every year the biggest brands in golf will send me their newest putters to test and review on the course.

I use them each for a few rounds and write a full in-depth review on them for our readers.

This is my current list of recommendations for the best putters in 2024 based on certain criteria. 

Every player is different and will have different needs based on their game, but I try my best to accommodate every category.

You should be able to leave this article with a clear choice for which putter you should buy next.

Best Overall


PING Oslo 3 Putter

Who Should Buy

  • Golfers who want the best all around putter.
  • Want exceptional aim and distance control. 
  • Want Pro Golfer Quality (Tyrell Hatton)

Who Should Not Buy

  • Blade putter lovers
  • Those on a budget

My Thoughts

This is my current “go-to” recommendation for the best putter of 2024.

I recommend this putter as the best overall because it provided the most consistent roll and the strongest internal confidence of any putter I tested recently.

It’s wide base and heavy feel allowed me to hit my intended lines and targets on the green with ease.

It will provide you with the perfect match of great consistency, distance control, and exceptional accuracy.

Compared to all the other putters I tested, it made every putt feel effortless and precise.

If you want the best putter money can buy you right now, the PING PLD Oslo 3 is the choice. 

Best On A Budget

Cleveland Golf HB SOFT MILLED #1

Cleveland Golf HB SOFT MILLED #1 putter

Who Should Buy

  • Players wanting a premium experience at a budget-friendly price
  • Want great value 

Who Should Not Buy

  • Golfers who want the best of the best
  • Mallet putter lovers

My Thoughts

I was blown away by the Cleveland Golf HB SOFT MILLED #1’s premium look, feel, and performance at a fraction of the cost of competitors. 

Besides looking beautiful, putts off the toe and heel had similar pace to strikes out of the center, which helped my putting tremendously.

This putter’s special groove design helped me experience rounds with some of the most consistent and reliable distance control of any other putter in this price range.

I recommend this as the best putter to buy if you’re on a budget because, its quality of feel and play was up there with some of the more expensive putters on the market.

Best for High Handicap Golfers

TaylorMade Spider Tour X

TaylorMade Spider Tour X putter

Who Should Buy

  • Higher Handicap golfers
  • Improved distance control on mishit putts
  • If you commonly 3 putt

Who Should Not Buy

  • Blade lovers
  • Rory McIlroy haters

My Thoughts

While Rory made the TaylorMade Spider famous, I can personally tell you the Spider Tour X putter holds the “best-selling mallet on the market” title for good reason. 

The secret is, the Spider Tour X is probably the best putter for the average golfer. 

Assuming the ‘average golfer’ has a handicap around 13+ and 3 putts fairly often, they could likely benefit from more forgiveness in the putting department, which is exactly what the TaylorMade Spider Tour X provides. 

It naturally rotates back to square through impact for easier center contact for inconsistent putters compared to blades.

This means even mishit putts will still go relatively straight in the direction you wanted them to go. 

Easy solid-contact combined with it’s XL head size will help you putt with more confidence. 

If your putter is often adding more than 2 strokes per hole to your scorecard, this is your best pick. 

Best New Technology

LAB Golf DF3

lab golf df3 putter

Who Should Buy

  • Interested in cutting edge tech
  • Players with shaky putting strokes 
  • Golfers comfortable with unique putter heads

Who Should Not Buy

  • Traditionalists
  • Want a known brand name

My Thoughts

The LAB Golf DF3 mallet putter is like no other putter I’ve tested before, and that’s because it features advanced and innovative technology that no other putter has.

It’s called “Lie Angle Balance” tech and it is designed for game-improvement. 

It makes the DF3 putter stay square and moving toward wherever you aim it. 

This means I didn’t have to fight the putter to keep it moving toward my target, and it helped me make way more putts.

If you are not afraid of being an early adopter to innovative and science-backed putter technology, this is my recommendation.

You will benefit from having the cutting edge technology that provides you with a very forgiving and consistent putter. 

The only downsides are the fact LAB is a newer brand and ‘traditionalists’ will give you a hard time about it’s slightly funny appearance.

If those things don’t bother you, this should be your choice.

Best Blade Putter

Odyssey Ai-ONE #2

Odyssey Ai-ONE #2 Putter

Who Should Buy

  • If you prefer a blade putter over mallets
  • Golfers who want great distance control on the green
  • Like tinkering with their clubs weights

Who Should Not Buy

  • Those with a mallet preference

Our Thoughts

The Odyssey Ai-ONE #2 blade putter became my immediate “in the bag” putter after testing, and offers so many great features in such a small, beautiful package.  

I personally prefer blade putters, although I know they aren’t for every golfer. 

Most people will already know their preference regarding blade and mallet putters. 

If you prefer blade putters, this is definitely my recommended putter to you.

The reason is – of all the blade putters I have tested on the golf course, the Ai-ONE #2 performed the best for me on the greens.

It provided repeatable distance control and accuracy from all distances. It was like a robot. 

When it rained and the greens slowed down, I changed the natural putting speed with its bottom weights.

This putter is one that performs just as good as it looks, and I was extremely impressed.

This is my favorite blade putter in 2024 and I highly recommend it

What To Consider When Buying

If you are unsure about what to look for when finding the best putter for your golf game, this is the section for you.

What Putter Head Style Suits Your Eye

While it’s easy to say “You never know until you try,” when talking about putters, this is somewhat true. 

You truly never know what’s going to inspire internal confidence that you’re going to hole more putts until you line up a couple and try some putter heads. The best way to do this is at your local big box store or golf course.

What Type of Putter Face (Full Milled or Face Insert) Do You Prefer?

Some golfers (like myself) prefer fully-milled putter faces because they sound and feel a particular way when struck. There’s a deeper sound and vibrational sensation that face insert putters are always trying to replicate or improve upon. 

Once again, you’ll have to test both Fully Milled and Face Insert putters to know what sounds and feels better to you personally. Our list includes both styles of putter face.

Where Could Your Putting Performance Most Improve?

Putting can be broken down into a few separate things: Green Reading, Distance Control, Ability to Start Your Putt on Your Intended Start Line

Your putter can’t help with green reading, but if you struggle with distance control on long putts alone, the majority of golfers experience better results from long range with blade putters, and our lists’ blade putters are a great place to start. 

If you struggle with “Start Lines,” or starting your putt on your aiming line, mallet putters are designed to offer more forgiveness to off-center or mishit putts to help you hit your aiming lines more often.

What’s Your Budget?

Putters can be a long lasting investment, and depending on the brand of putter you choose, they can hold their resale value tremendously well years or even decades into the future. 

That being said, there’s now competitive fair-to-incredibly premium putter options on the affordable side of the market (Cleveland) that can get you started on your better putting journey without breaking the bank.

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