Best Putters 2023

The best putter for your putting game will inspire self-confidence even on the most challenging of undulations and green complexes.

According to Golf Digest, a staggering 41% of amateur golfer’s strokes during a round occur while using the putter.

We have been reviewing clubs on the course for over 10 years and our top choice in 2023 comes from one of the most iconic and industry-leading creators in the putter brand world, “Scotty Cameron,” and his Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12 / Series.

Best Putters 2023

We’ve constructed a list of the 10 best putters for the 2023 golf season, and as always, we feel any choice from our list today would be well worth your consideration. Whether you’re a golf gear fanatic with a garage full of equipment or just a player looking for a much-needed change of your putting scenery, our list has options from manufacturers worldwide.



Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12 / Series

  • Highly 'PGA Tour Player Validated'

  • "Mallet Stability - Blade Feel"

  • 10 Different Body Shapes Within Series



Mizuno M-Craft IV / Series

  • Three "Stroke-Arc" Based Head Shapes in Series

  • Three Unique Finish Options (White Satin, Blue ION or Black ION)

  • Additional Weighting Kit Included



Bettinardi BB-1 Flow

  • 4 Head Shapes in Series

  • New 'PVD' (Physical Vapor Deposition) Finish

  • "Aggressive Fly Milling" for Audible Feedback from Putting Contact

Moving from the “okay putter” to “great putter” class means averaging close to 30 putts or less per 18-hole round. Developing a repeatable, controlled putting stroke is something only you can accomplish.

Choosing a head shape, head weight, and shaft composition that matches your specific ‘stroke type’ should weigh into the decision before putting a new putter in the bag. Shouldn’t it? 

The 10 Best Putters in 2023

  1. Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12 / Series (Luxury Mallet Top Choice)
  2. Mizuno M Craft IV / Series (Surprise Close Second in Terms of Feel)
  3. Bettinardi BB Flow / Series (Luxury Close Third)
  4. Odyssey White Hot O.G. #7 C.H. Stroke Lab / Series (Tour Verified Insert and Stroke Lab Shaft)
  5. Evnroll ER11vx (Famous Grooves and Stable Construction)
  6. Ping PLD Milled DS72 (Viktor Hovland Inspired / Great Milled Feel)
  7. TaylorMade Spider G.T. (Newly Shaped Spider)
  8. Cobra King 3D Printed Series (‘Sik’ Face Insert)
  9. SeeMore Mini Giant Deep Flange (“Rifle Scope Technology” / Stable Feel)
  10. PXG Battle Ready ‘GunBoat’ / Series (Adjustable Weights / 3 Hosel Options)

1. Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12 / Series

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12 Series

The name ‘Scotty Cameron’ in the manufacturing world resounds most commonly with expert artisanship and cutting-edge technology in every line of putters they choose to release. Cameron’s dedication to creating some of the finest milled putting tools the world has ever seen is in the new 2023 ‘Phantom X Series’ of mallet putters. There are 10 different head shapes to choose from within the ‘Phantom X Series,’ with players like Justin Thomas, Patrick Cantlay, Will Zalatoris, and Max Homa playing one variation or another from the line.

Today, our primary focus will be on their highest M.O.I. and most forgiving option within the ‘Phantom’ series, the ‘Phantom X 12.’ We do strongly encourage you to hit a few balls with the other nine head options you’re able to, as we can’t see your stroke and your putting motion may match with a different variation, but still feel the ‘X 12’ is the most vital product in the series and worth the majority of players consideration due to how forgiving it is. The primary goal of ‘Scotty Cameron’ with the ‘Phantom X 12’ was to create the highest M.O.I. mallet-style putter available. Cameron believes to have accomplished this feat with two distinct additions to the ‘X 12.’ Cameron takes advantage of moveable weights, as we’ve seen on previous lines from the company. Multi-material construction with ‘6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum’ and a Tour validated favorite, ‘303 Stainless Steel.’

The ‘Phantom X 12’ has the most ‘wingback’ design of the entire line, with 18 grams of discretionary weight added as far to the clubhead’s perimeter as possible. This 18 gram’s is contained within the two “wings” on the leading and trailing sides of the putter head made out of that ‘6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum’ and is said to be “stability-enhancing” for “easier alignment and confidence-inspiring performance.” The primary blackhead with the accenting ‘303 Stainless Steel’ wings and the stark white alignment line create what Cameron refers to as a “continuous optic” that frames the golf ball at address perfectly. These features work in conjunction with the face-balanced putter design on the ‘Phantom X 12’, giving it a remarkable ability to naturally want to find center contact and its original starting line.

To continue the tech additions, the redesigned ‘X 12’ features a misted texture and glare-cutting sheen and an updated “mid-bend” steel shaft, engineered to minimize face rotation in the putting stroke for players. The only word that describes the acoustics of the ball struck off the center of the face, and the responsive feel/feedback after every stroke made with the ‘Phantom X 12’ is premium. There’s a reason ‘Scotty Cameron’ is 25 years old as a company and still seen by the majority of manufacturers and consumers as at or near the top of the “putter food chain.” Once you hit one yourself, other putters can leave you missing the feeling after the contact you experienced with the ‘Scotty.’

Everything about the ‘X 12,’ from the updated non-slip decorative ‘Pistolero Plus‘ grip to the vibrant yellow accenting the headcover and shaft band, commands the right attention, as well as respect, on any course. We hope the ‘Phantom X 12,’ or one of its nine other siblings from the Scotty Cameron ‘Phantom X Series,’ makes it into your hands to test for your 2023 golfing season. They’re truly some of the best putters on the market today.

Key Features

  • Enhancing Wings

  • Premium Feel

  • Updated Grip / HeadCover

2. Mizuno M.Craft IV / Series

Mizuno M.Craft IV Series

Mizuno now brings the world-renowned, buttery smooth forged feel of their irons to a milled putter line called affectionately called “M.Craft.” Originally introduced in 2020, the ‘M. Craft I,’ ‘II,’ and ‘III’ were overshadowed by the unfortunate widespread events happening at the time. In a revamping of the original ‘M.Craft’ line, Mizuno has released the ‘M. Craft VI,’ ‘V,’ and ‘IV’ are all “stroke-arc” dependent head models. Our focus today will be on what we believe is the best putter in the updated series, the “Moderate Toe Hang / Moderate Arc” Mizuno ‘M.Craft IV.’

The ‘IV’ is a neck-deep slant square back that we believe gives the best feel off the clubface of the entire updated Mizuno ‘M.Craft’ line. As mentioned, the ‘IV’ is most suited for players with a moderate arc in their putting stroke, but the ‘VI’ and ‘V’ options could offer a better feel for other types of strokes.

Forged and C.N.C. milled from ‘1025 Mild Carbon Steel’ for an unmistakable soft feel and expert precision. The deep face milling provides a fantastic sound as well as responsiveness to the hands and the feeling of a “pure roll.” Included with the purchase of any of the updated ‘M.Craft’ line from Mizuno is an interchangeable weighting kit to dial in a precise player’s preferred feel at contact and allow for variety in different types of playing conditions. At a weighty 355 grams, this M.Craft head encourages a rhythmic and fluid putting stroke.

The photo honestly doesn’t do ‘M. Craft IV’ justice, as the finish showed (“Classic White Satin”), shines on the underside accents, as do the “Blue Ion” and “Black ION” finish undersides. In addition to the three unique finish options, the premium quality Mizuno headcover is embellished with an accenting leather patch on the side, signifying the supreme and unique product underneath.

We found the Mizuno ‘M.Craft IV’ to be an incredibly high-performing putter, and if you want to try to take your putting game to the next level, you should consider the “IV” or one of its siblings within the revamped ‘M.Craft’ series.

Key Features

  • C.N.C. Milled Face

  • 3 Unique Finishes

  • 3 Stroke-Based Head Shapes

3. Bettinardi BB-1 Flow / Series

Bettinardi BB-1 Flow Series

Bettinardi, like Scotty Cameron, is a name backed with excellence and a “high-quality milled face” reputation. Continuing the American-made tradition of quality craftsmanship and design genius, Robert J. Bettinardi brings an update to the Tour-winning ‘B.B. Series’ with a new ‘303 Stainless Steel’ construction ‘B.B. Series.’ Each ‘B.B.’ putter is precision milled from a single block of ‘303 Stainless Steel’ to exact, updated product specifications.

Bettinardi believes the combination of this choice of steel material with their all-new “Aggressive Flymill Face Milling” provides a softer feel than the previous “Flymill Faces” while also creating very consistent ball speeds from the completely flat contact area. Also integrated into the face is the unmistakable acoustics that Bettinardi says provide the perfect feedback from well-struck putts leading to more consistent distance control.

Offered within the ‘B.B. Series’ is the ‘BB1,’ a standard blade, our featured ‘BB1 Flow,’ the same blade but with a flowing hosel, the ‘BB8W’ that is a wider based blade, and lastly, the ‘BB46,’ a rounded compact mallet / mid-mallet shape. If you’re thinking of going the premium route, any of the choices from the ‘B.B. Series’ would be great, but the beautiful look of the ‘2022 BB1 Flow’ and its unbelievable premium feel made it take our top spot for the lineup.

The ‘B.B. Series’ is upgraded with a new, durable “Graphite Gray P.V.D.” finish and classic primary black and white accented paint scheme. Its look is very clean and very confidence-inspiring.

On top of the gorgeous look and bag appeal, a Bettinardi already offers just with purchase; extra premium components are included. A Tour-grade steel shaft, as well as the custom grey ‘Lamkin Sink Fit’ grip, match wonderfully with a leather fly-mill, patterned B.B. Series headcover.

Everything about Bettinardi putters has always screamed “top of its class,” and the 2022 B.B. Series update has replenished our love for their products in a way we didn’t even know was possible. We hope you’ll give one of the best putters for 2023 a try soon.

Key Features

  • Aggressive Flymill Face Milling

  • Graphite Gray P.V.D. Finish

  • Premium Grip, and Headcover

4. Odyssey White Hot O.G. #7 C.H. Stroke Lab

Odyssey White Hot OG #7 CH Stroke Lab

The ‘White Hot O.G. #7’ is a double bend, face-balanced mallet putter, best suited for strokes with minimal arc and face rotation. The latest generation of Odyssey’s iconic O.G. #7 shape, featuring their legendary ‘White Hot insert,’ available in a steel shaft and their new red ‘Stroke Lab’ shaft, each with their gray “D.R.X.” grip.

That’s a lot of technology.

For starters, the ‘White Hot’ insert has made and maintained a name for itself as being the most played putter insert. Tour players adore the insert and have asked for years for it to be brought back to the Odyssey lineup. The two-part urethane insert provides an exceptional feel, sound, and performance. With the most recent P.G.A. Championship held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Odyssey has been the leading putter brand at 40 consecutive majors, including the P.G.A. Tour, LPGA Tour, and Champions Tour.

Odyssey engineers have combined a sleek silver P.V.D. Finish with fine milling on the surfaces. This combination inspires confidence at address and provides the premium milled finish many players look for.

The “Candy Red” ‘Stroke Lab shafts’ are now combined with a small steel section that Odyssey believes improves their previous ‘Stroke Lab’ design. The change results in a 7-gram reduction in weight that ” improves tempo, swing arc, and face impact consistency.”

Its clear Odyssey has created a beast with their ‘White Hot O.G. #7 C.H. Stroke Lab” mallet putter, and we hope you’ll consider it for your upcoming golf season.

Key Features

  • White Hot Insert

  • Red Stroke Lab Shaft Option

5. Evnroll ER11vx

Evnroll ER11vx

The brains behind Evnroll, Guerin Rife (as seen adorning the bottom of the ER11vx above), has never been afraid to take a different approach to putter design than the norm. As many of you already know, bursting on the scene in 2016, Rife and Evnroll made it clear he believes some things should change with the best putter face technology.

To begin, we must speak on the famed grooved face design. The grooves’ spacing and width get more narrow as they move from the center towards the heel and toe, meaning more direct energy is transferred from off-center strikes. From Rife himself, “The face milling imparts progressively more energy transfer on off-center hits to roll the ball a consistent distance with every stroke.” In addition, the milling pattern is designed to help heal and toe strikes to work back toward a player’s target line.

Those are the features you’ll find on every Evnroll putter, so what makes the ‘ER11vx’ one of the ten best putters on the market for 2023?

The ‘ER11vx’ revamps last year’s mallet putter design from the company, the “ER11v.” In the ‘vx’ model, its M.O.I. / forgiveness is expanded by extending the design rear wings crafted from heavy ‘303 Stainless Steel,’ on top of the light ‘6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum’ body, very similar to the ‘Phantom X 12’ from Scotty Cameron. This expansion on the multi-material design from the previous ‘ER11’ model increases heel-toe stability. The two heavier interchangeable perimeter weights add to the extremely high M.O.I. and forgiveness the putter already has.

Lastly, for added technology, most amateur golfers find it difficult to start putts on their intended line to the hole/target. Rife believes by creating the new ‘V-Series’ inline short-slant hosel and having it work in unison with the full-length alignment aid; players will “virtually eliminate the pull; the most common miss inputting.”

The grip is a ‘TourTac Black‘ that has a curved butt section (almost like a pistol) yet is tapered towards the bottom half and has a very tacky feeling. The standard shaft finish is ‘black,’ but you can opt for a ‘chrome’ finish for a $15 additional charge. The headcover is composed of luxurious leather and will most definitely protect your club for its lifespan.

If the grooves and speed-optimized face technology are something you have to try for yourself, or the insane amount of M.O.I. and stability has piqued your interest, please consider giving the ‘ER11vx’ from Evnroll a try in your 2023 golfing season.

Key Features

  • Famous Grooved Face Design

  • 'V-Series' Inline Short-Slant Hosel

6. Ping PLD Milled DS72

Ping PLD Milled DS72

New from Ping in 2022, the ‘PLD DS72 compact mallet is one of four new models launched by the line.

The putter head is milled from premium forged ‘303 Stainless Steel’ as we’ve seen from other quality-obsessed companies, but Ping’s ‘Deep Aggressive Milling Pattern’ (A.M.P.) keeps the putters sound, as well as feel, incredibly soft at impact. The feeling of a ball struck off the center of its clubface is as good as we’ve expected from the still family-owned Ping and all of their golf products and provides an immense amount of feedback to the hands.

The ‘DS72’ shape has appeared in previous Ping putter ranges, but its overall upgraded looks were inspired by Ping sponsored athlete and 6-time professional winner Viktor Hovland. The ‘DS72,’ Hovland’s putter of choice, has helped him win 3 more professional tournaments since its debut. It’s safe to say he thinks the design is a success. The ‘PLD’ version now comes with a dual bend hosel to create a face-balanced feel that is best suited for golfers with a little-to-no arc putting stroke.

The ‘PLD DS72’ is weighty at 365 grams, and at an address, you’ll notice two small ridges following the heel and trailing inner sides of the rounded putter head where the additional perimeter weighting is held. This extra weighting adds to the forgiveness of strike and M.O.I. of the putter head while still keeping the overall size of the head reasonably small. In fact, the “PLD DS72′ is one of the smallest mallet putter heads I’ve ever seen, yet accenting the ‘Satin Silver’ primary finish is a bright white near-full body alignment line that frames the ball beautifully and simplifies alignment to its fullest.

In finishing, the grip is a mid-size pistol-shaped ‘Ping Blackout,’ the exact grip that has helped Tiger Woods to many victories. Ping says they stick with that grip because it “makes it easier to square the putter face at impact.”

It’s clear that Ping has spared no expense in terms of detail with their new PLD line, and if you’re a player with an urge to try some Ping products or are looking for one of the best mallet putters on the market today, give the ‘Ping PLD DS72’ a try in your 2023 season.

Key Features

  • Viktor Hovland Inspired Design

  • Dual-Bend Hosel

  • Heavy at 365g

7. TaylorMade Spider GT

TaylorMade Spider GT

There have been a plethora of ‘Spider’ putters from TaylorMade over the years. The ‘TaylorMade Spider F.C.G.,’ the ‘Spider Mallet,’ the ‘Spider Blade,’ the ‘Daddy Long Legs,’ the ‘Spider Mini,’ the ‘Spider Ex,’ the ‘Spider X,’ and so on…While there have been many iterations of the famed ‘Spider’ line from TaylorMade, the new ‘Spider G.T.’ breaks all previous design molds and brings forth a new era in the ‘TaylorMade Spider’ generation.

One feature consistent through the previous ‘Spider’ putters, regardless of their model, was a metal frame that surrounded and formed the perimeter of the putter head. With the new ‘Spider G.T.,’ rather than a circular perimeter frame design, TaylorMade has catered more toward a “winged” shape to aid in weight distribution. From the Senior Director of Putter and Wedge Production at Taylormade, Bill Price, “With Spider G.T., we have created our most angular and most stable Spider ever using a new modern wing construction similar to other high-stability Spider putters of the past. With the removal of weight from the center of Spider G.T., we have unlocked higher M.O.I. and more stability from every angle.” The new shape and construction of the ‘Spider G.T.’ heads actually result in 82 percent of the overall club heads’ weight being on the perimeter edges. These weight distribution results are a massive boost to overall M.O.I. and stability.

Similar to previous ‘Spider’ models, there are tungsten weights on the back bottom corners of the head, and all ‘Spider G.T.’ putters will feature the ‘PureRoll 2’ insert and “Fluted Feel” shafts that were enjoyed by regular consumers and touring professionals alike in last years ‘Spider EX’ line. Also, similar to previous models, dependent on the player’s stroke arc, they can choose between a single-bend shaft configuration or a new slant neck. The “spud neck” or single-bend shaft is for players with a more “straight back and straight through” stroke, while the slant neck-shaft promotes a little more toe flow and has been tweaked to fit an arcing stroke players’ eye. The standard grip is a “SuperStroke 1.0 GT” and feels very comfortable and tacky when held.

Lastly, in addition to the last changes we’ve already mentioned, the ‘Spider G.T.’ from TaylorMade features the lowest and most forward center-of-gravity of any ‘Spider’ putter that has been released so far. By removing what was previously connecting metal from the clubhead’s center, the C.G. naturally moves forward, promoting optimal launch and strike conditions.

If the revolutionary advancements to the ever-expanding ‘Spider’ line from TaylorMade have made you interested in taking the “mallet putters plunge,” make sure you try the ‘TaylorMade Spider GT Putter’ soon.

Key Features

  • New Design to Spider Series

  • 2 Neck Options

  • Lowest C.G. Ever

8. Cobra King 3D King Agera / Printed Series

Cobra King 3D Printed Agera Putter

This isn’t Cobra’s first toy with 3D printed putters. Their new ‘Cobra King 3D Printed Putter Series’ features the same base technologies as their previous ‘SuperSport-35’ 3D printed putter, but few key advancements.

Where previous designs were made with “H.P. Metal Jet” printing, the new ‘Cobra 3D Printed Putter Series’ uses a unique “multi-jet fusion nylon design process.” This nylon insert is then paired with tungsten weights and a forged aluminum crown. The reason for the switch to 3D printed nylon is because it’s roughly 50 percent lighter than the previously used “H.P. Metal Jet.” This allows Cobra to boost the perimeter weighting of the clubhead with tungsten, increasing the M.O.I. (the standard forgiveness metric). The nylon center working together with the more complex metal perimeter truly enables the M.O.I. boost and creates an incredibly forgiving product.

The new “Cobra 3D Printed Putter Series” signifies a strong relationship between Cobra and ‘Sik Putters.’ All 3D printed putter designs from Cobra moving forward will feature Sik’s patented “Descending Loft Technology” face design. Popularized by being used by Bryson DeChambeau over the past few years on the P.G.A. Tour, the aluminum faces on Cobra’s new 3D printed series will feature Sik’s 4° – 1° groove that creates a consistent launch condition around 1.5°. Ultimately, the purpose of the partnership between Cobra and Sik’s face insert technology is to provide consumers with a consistent ball launch and roll regardless of how the ball is struck.

The ‘Cobra King 3D Printed Putter Series’ comes in three unique head shapes, two mallets, the “King Supernova” and the “King Agera,” and one modified blade, the “King GrandSport.” Additionally, the “King Agera” model is available in an “arm-lock” shaft and grip configuration and comes in a 37.5-inch “One Length” build for players playing Cobra’s “One Length” clubs. The “King GrandSport” modified blade shape is for players that have a little more arc in their stroke, while the “King SuperNova” and “King Agera” models are for players with a more straight stroke. With Cobra claiming the “King SuperNova” has an M.O.I. “score” of 5,700, it is incredibly forgiving amongst the mallet putters category. The “King Agera” has an incredible M.O.I. score of 7,600 and is one of the most forgiving mallet-style putters today.

Coming standard is a ‘KBS 120’ putter shaft and players option of a 99-gram “Cobra Lamkin Sinkfit Straight Connect” or a lighter 55-gram “SuperStroke Traxion Tour 2.0” grip. Not only designed to be a statement piece, but we also hope you’ll see the “Cobra King 3D Printed King Agera” and the rest of the series for what it is, forgiving and cutting-edge putter design.

We did a full in-depth review of this putter here!

Key Features

  •  'S.I.K.' Face Insert

  • 3 Arc-Based Head Options

9. SeeMore Mini Giant Deep Flange

SeeMore Mini Giant Deep Flange

The “SeeMore Mini Giant Deep Flange” isn’t the newest putter on our list, but it is the best-selling putter series ‘SeeMore’ has on the market currently as well as the past few seasons. We don’t know what caused the buzz amongst consumers, but we’re here to jump on the ‘SeeMore’ bandwagon.

If you’re like me and enjoy the stability and weight some mallets offer but are hooked on the look of a blade, the ‘SeeMore Mini Giant Deep Flange’ might be exactly what you’re looking for. The ‘Deep Flange’ part of the not-so-daring name refers to the section behind the face, a thick 1.75 inches. The putter is most certainly in the traditional shape of a ‘blade putter,’ yet its extra packing width gives it a ton of stability, much like a mallet. This creates a head that is the perfect compromise between the two traditional putter designs and is even more accentuated with the extra features ‘SeeMore’ adds here and there. The ‘Mini Giant Deep Flange’ is one of SeeMore’s premium putters and is crafted with four copper weights inside the head to increase the already solid stability and M.O.I.

‘SeeMore’ is a “putter only” company that generally keeps a few putters features the same across all of their lines. Some of the repeated features in the ‘Mini Giant Deep Flange’ include the iconic black section of shaft that extends from the steel shaft to the actual putter head and their patented “Rifle Scope Technology.” The “R.S.T.” for short, is a red dot on the underside of the hosel on the top of the putter head, and when you set up squarely to stroke a putt, the black section of the shaft covers the red dot creating an extra sense of confidence you’re centered towards your target.

Being center shafted, ‘SeeMore’ classifies the ‘Mini Giant Deep Flange’ as being in the face balanced category, yet it still features 40 degrees of toe hang. It is face balanced at impact, meaning if you make a smooth stroke, the face naturally wants to square at impact. The freedom it allows in your stroke by knowing it wants to return to the square and the combination between the face balanced and toe hang designs makes ‘SeeMore’ so unique as a company. On top of all of these features, all ‘SeeMore’ putters are 100 percent milled and made in the U.S.A.

After laying out the qualities within the ‘SeeMore Mini Giant Deep Flange,’ it is clear that ‘SeeMore’ actually cares as a putter company. They’re willing to experiment and try things in putter design that other companies are not. Maybe that’s the reason they’re seeing record sales in recent seasons. If you’d like to join the hype train with us, we hope you’ll consider the ‘SeeMore Mini Giant Deep Flange’ for your 2023 golfing season.

Key Features

  • Mallet Stability / Blade Look and Feel

  • Rifle Scope Technology

10. P.X.G. Battle Ready GunBoat

P.X.G.’s loud marketing campaigns are commonly followed by loud, sometimes busy product design. Besides offering nine different head options within the ‘Battle Ready Series’ of putters, P.X.G. has kept the design of the ‘GunBoat,’ the best putter within the series, in our opinion, very clean and confidence-inspiring.

The ‘GunBoat’ isn’t a new design for P.X.G. The ‘GunBoat’ design is referred to as a “P.X.G. classic” by the company and holds the in-house title of “.. the most forgiving putter in the Battle Ready Series.” In the older ‘GEN2 Series’ from P.X.G., a ‘GunBoat’ and ‘Mini GunBoat’ were introduced, much to consumers’ pleasure. In the updated ‘Battle Ready GunBoat,’ P.X.G. claims they re-engineered the design to be fully optimized, boost M.O.I., and provide confidence around the greens.

A multi-material construction of aerospace-grade aluminum and high-density tungsten creates an optimized center of gravity (C.G.) and stable feel. The introduction of tungsten to the lineup allowed the C.G. to be moved farther away from where the shaft and head meet, creating greater M.O.I. and stability. The balance of the putter can be adjusted by changing the amount and location of weight in the sole of the clubhead. Based on the selected hosel, further fine-tuning can be imposed on the head, influencing launch conditions and overall feel. Originally introduced in the “GEN2” Putter line, a “pyramid face pattern” has been redesigned based on tour feedback and R&D testing to include varying depth grooves across the face to “.. ensure consistency amongst launch angle, spin rates, and skid distance.” Finally, a thick, white, full-length putter head alignment line splits the top of the clubhead, allowing optimal and confidence-inspiring alignment to every putt you’re about to stroke.

Dependent on a player’s arc of their unique putting stroke, they’re offered three hosel options. P.X.G. claims the “Double Bend” hosel is for players who “tend to push the ball” and creates a face-balanced feel. The “Heel Shafted” hosel option is for players who have more rotation in their stroke. Lastly, the “Plumber’s Neck” hosel is for any player and can be played effectively by straight and arced stroke types.

P.X.G. can be flat out “in your face” at times with some of their marketing tactics. That being said, their ‘Battle Ready GunBoat’ putter we feel more than makes up for anything they could’ve done previously to annoy us. For one of the best putters of the 2023 golfing season, we hope you’ll consider the P.X.G. Battle Ready GunBoat or one of its 8 other brothers and sisters.

Key Features

  • Movable Weights

  • Pyramid Face Pattern

  • 3 Hosel Options

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