REVIEW: YAAK Design Belt and Buckle

A Comfortable Custom Belt from a Non-Golf Company
Not all golf products need to be made by golf companies. Especially when it comes to apparel, non-golf companies make products just as good as golf companies do. I’m guessing that many golfers that wear belts, don’t buy golf specific belts. I, on the other hand, don’t have a non-golf belt to wear when I’m not golfing. YAAK Designs reached out to me about their belts and buckles which aren’t made specifically for golf. After a number of weeks wearing and testing their belt and buckle, I found them really comfortable for golfing. These belts aren’t just for looks, their function and design is what sets them apart as a great belt, on or off the course.
YAAK Design doesn’t offer a ton of choices at this point, black, off-black and black and white herringbone.  Their M-Series buckles are made of black carbon fiber and can be laser engraved with whatever you want.  I had a couple done with the iGR logo and just the G logo.  They add a nice touch, while not being too “in your face” about the logo.  I’m guessing it would be possible to add some paintfill to the buckle.  The belts come in at 46″ so you will most likely need to adjust them to your actually waist.  Just cut the excess off and then give it a little burn with flame to seal up the end.  You can also use the velcro strap included with each belt to secure the loop.  But by design this is a clean looking belt with no excess belt showing.
The 1.5″ YAAK Design belt and buckle work just fine with my pants and shorts.  But there could be some non-golf apparel that uses smaller belt loops that this belt and buckle might not fit in.  Also remember that the buckle is really 2 pieces, which are attached at each end of the belt, so one way or the other you have to fit the buckle through your belt loops too.  I can’t say it matters how quickly or how easily belt buckle can be done and undone, but their magnetic hook system is about as quick and easy as it gets. You basically slide the 2 part buckle toward itself and it instantly comes apart.  Then put the buckles close together and the magnet automatically locks in place.  I tested the strength of the buckle and belt and it will never accidentally come undone.  You could practically use it as tow strap it has so much strength.
The YAAK Design belt and buckle work great for golf.  While I like my leather belts, this woven belt has some nice stretch to it so that you can tighten up your pants/shorts yet still allowing some flex during the swing.  This belt is one of the most comfortable belts to wear, yet does a great job of holding your pants in place.  It obviously works well for other activities or just a casual night out.

Don’t be afraid to check out this non-golf company’s belt and buckles.  Their dark colors will match much of your golf apparel and their comfortable woven belts are really nice for playing golf or any other activity.  If you want to take the buckle up a notch, inquire about their custom laser engraving on the carbon fiber buckle.  YAAK Design is a non-golf company that makes a great belt for golfing.

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Quick Hits:
+Comfortable stretch belt
+Super strong buckle
+Quick on/off buckle
+Custom laser engraving
+Cut to size

–limited color options
–1.5″ Wide can be too wide for some belt loops