Review: YES! Pippi Belly Putter

Still Groov'n
YES! putters have been around for some time now and has always been a solid design.  The C-groove technology put a very nice roll on the ball, yet offering a solid feel without being harsh.  But even with their solid design and success they couldn’t manage on their own.  They were recently acquired by Adams Golf (who is now owned by TaylorMade)
This new ownership brought new life to the brand, allowing it to move forward with new designs and new finishes.  IF you get the chance to check out the YES! line up of putters, you will find the widest selection of any company on the market.  If there is a putter design out there, YES! probably has a similar model.  All the YES! putters have a ladies name so keeping up with what design is who, can be tricky.
I opted to see how YES! does the belly putter.  I decided that the Pippi fit my eye nicely.  It is a center-shafted anser like head.  It comes in a variety of lengths and only 2 finish satin. May other putter comes in white, black, bronze or satin, it just depends on the model.
I ordered a 41″ putter because I have used belly putters before and know that this is the proper length for me.  Unfortunately when I opened the box I saw a 43″ sticker on the putter and sure enough it was 2″ longer than I needed.  I’m sure I could have sent it back and waited for the replacement to arrive, but since I don’t have the patience for such things.  I decided to give it at try at 43″.  As you can guess, I didn’t have much success the 1st round, I couldn’t get comfortable with the additional length and putts were either pulled or pushed.  When I got home I removed the grip, cut off 2″ and reinstalled the grip.  It took me about 5 minutes.
My next rounds with this putter were much better.  I started really grooving my stroke and had some of the most consistent putting rounds of my season.  I felt very comfortable on the green with this putter.  I was right on with distance and line almost every putt.  While i felt so comfortable and really putted very well with this putter, I didn’t make as many 1-putts.  I had so many lip out, but not many bombs dropped.  I think belly putters are great if you really struggle on the greens, but I’m not sure a good putter will benefit from them.

The real reason I like the YES! putter is the C-grooves.  It feels like they grip the ball and turn it over on impact.  The ball looks like it is rolling forward immediately.  They also offer great feel as the ball softly pops off the grooves.  Yet the softness is not from an insert or polymer, but just solid metal to ball on each strike.  This head is beached (has a slot behind the face) which is then filled with a polymer so it also dampens vibration very nicely.  Alignment was also very easy with the sight-line right at the end of the shaft.

The finishing touches shout YES!.  The headcover is bright yellow and black and seals with Velcro.   The belly putter grip grip is thick, long and soft; it too has YES! written all over it in black and yellow.  The new YES! putters are solid putters at a moderate price.  The C-groove technology really works and puts a nice roll on the ball.  Check out one of the many models to see what fits your eye best.  YES! is still groov’n!

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Quick Hits
+C-groove technology
+Metal face
+Many head designs
+Solid feel

–Too many designs are confusing
–Quality control on orders