REVIEW: Yuneec Breeze 4K Drone

You Know You Want A Convenient Golf Drone
Golf and technology are colliding in new areas, specifically in the drone photography arena.  Not long ago, it was rare to have aerial photos or videos of a golf course.  Some courses hired companies to take pictures for them and make video fly-overs of their holes.  It was expensive and only for high end courses.  Today, any golfer or golf course can buy their own drone and take professional quality photos and videos.  Yuneec offers on of the most convenient high quality drone for golf photography in the Breeze 4K model.
My first experience with Yuneec was last year with the Typhoon Q500 4K.  It is a professional quality drone that can fly in most any weather condition and take perfectly smooth videos or photos.  It is however big and awkward for using during a round of golf.  The large case barely fits on a golf cart, especially if you have another golfer with you.  It also requires you to install the 4 propellers each time you want to fly it.  The Breeze 4K however is about a 1/4 of the size and fits in the large side pocket of your golf bag.  The controller is your iPhone (or game controller) and the propellers are foldable so it fits ready to go in the case.  These features make it really convenient for any round of golf that you’d like aerial photos or videos.
The Yuneec Breeze 4K is small, convenient and ready to go in under a minute on any tee box or green.  Once you open the case, you unfold the landing gear, insert the battery, turn it on and then work off your phone for everything else.  It connects via WiFi to your phone, and uses the Breeze App to control the drone.  It has multiple flying options: Pilot, Selfie, Orbit, Journey, Follow Me and FPV.  The most common use is Pilot which allows you to fly it how you desire; up, down, forward, and back.  The other modes are basically self explanatory.  The FPV is an additional purchase that you can either wear the goggles and use the game controller or use the game controller separately.
The Yuneec Breeze 4K takes excellent pictures because of the high quality camera mounted in the drone.  It has a limited gimbal and can be tilted up and down.  It can take photos in a variety of light conditions with simple change of settings.  Like most cameras it takes the best photos on a sunny day.  The “golden hours” are great shooting both into and away from the sun.  You can see the picture you are taking through you phone so it makes it pretty easy to get good pics.  The Breeze 4K  takes high quality video but works best when the conditions are calm.  The gimbal isn’t as full featured as the Typhoon Q500 so in the wind the Breeze gets pushed around and causes the videos to be tilted and less smooth.  It isn’t going to take professional videos, but it will take some pretty cool 4K amateur videos.
One great features of the Yuneec Breeze 4K is the ability to share photos and videos immediately after taking them right from the app.  It is the most social drone on the market.  You simply click on the gallery pic or video and share to any/every social platform you have an account with.  If you want to make a couple edits, you can do that too right on the app.  It is great to share you cool shots during your round of golf and take about as much time as writing down your score from the previous hole.
The Yuneec Breeze 4K can do more than just golf photography, it is awesome around water.  You can launch it from land and fly it out over the lake to get cool sunset photos or of friends and family enjoying the boat.  It has a 15 minute battery flight life so you can get it out to its limits and still have plenty of time to take photos or videos from a variety of angles.  It does have self imposed limits so that you don’t have to worry about losing it or getting in trouble with the FAA.  It also has built in “Geo Fences” that keep it from flying into restricted areas.  While most drone “incidents” are operator problems, this drone does help “avoid” some stupid.  This drone is more restricted than the Typhoon Q500.  it doesn’t go as high, nor as far away.  Since it doesn’t use a dedicated controller seems to be the main reason.  Yet is still can do most things you’d want it to do for golf photography.

The Yuneec Breeze 4K costs less than a driver and allow you to take amazing golf photos and videos quickly and easily.  You may not want to fly it during every round or in every situation, but when time allows and you want to share some cool pictures, the Breeze 4K is amazing.  The drone in its case will fit in your golf bag and you can control it easily with your phone.  It comes with a 2nd battery for plenty of flight time and if you add the Bluetooth game controller, it is easy to control and fly in under a minute.  This has become one of my “always” in the bag golf accessory.  The photo quality, ease of flying and small size make it convenient and ideal for golf pictures and videos.

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Quick Hits:
+Compact size
+Quick launch
+Easy to fly
+Social Media ready
+Solid battery life
+FPV controller works great

-Not stable enough gimbal in high wind