Review: Adidas AdiPURE Z Shoes

Pure ClassZ
When it comes to golf form and function are often debated, but at the end of the day, golfers always want both.  Sure there might be something that works well, but looks hideous or something that looks great, but performance is lacking.  Golf shoes are no different; we want comfort, durability, traction combined with great looks.   The AdiPURE Z is that shoe.
Adidas started their high-end line last year with the AdiPURES.  They were a great looking shoe, which incorporated many of the new technologies developed by Adidas.  They were simple, classy, yet pretty darn comfortable.  The AdiPURE Z takes that a step further.
Appearance is going to be at the top of the list of features on these shoes.  They are simply stunning.  The three options all white, all black or all brown are subtle and classy.  The embossed 3-stripe Adidas symbol is visible, but not too visible.  It is done in an understated way that people can notice, but not in your face like a flashing neon sign.

After a close inspection, the quality of these shoes is top notch.  I’ve had shoes before that had some glue that oozed out on this seam or a couple of stitches out of place on that seam.  But these are everything you would expect in a high-end shoe.

When it came to comfort I was happy that the break in time was only one round.  Some high-end shoes take multiple rounds to form to ones feet, but these only took 18 holes.  After that they were comfortable as can be.  The fit is just a little bit narrower in the forefoot compared to my Adidas 360 4.0s.  I don’t have very wide feet so if you do; make sure to get a wide in these.  I liked the fact that these shoes are symmetrical and have straight lines.  Some of the more recent Adidas shoes had asymmetrical lines and caused people difficulty in lining up, but the lines/seams on these shoes point the same direction as your feet are pointing.  While they did away with the plastic 360 mid-foot wrap, the shoe still has a nice form and feel right at the arch of the foot for a very stable walk and exceptional torsion during the swing.

I typically review a shoe for about 5 rounds and then come to my conclusions, but with these I wanted to take a little more time to see how they would hold up and look after 10 rounds.  I was blown away how they look virtually the same after 10 rounds as they did after 5 rounds.  They still look like brand new.

On the course the THiNTech worked well and allowed me to feel connected to the ground.  Traction was also excellent, wet grass didn’t feel any different than dry ground.  The only issue that I had was that all the additional nubs on the bottom combined with the cleats really seemed to hold leaves more than my other golf shoes.   While using these most of the fall, the leave collection I gathered was surprising.  They come right off, but sometimes it was annoying having to remove a couple leaves sticking out from under my shoe while I was on the green getting ready to putt.  This fall has been mostly dry, but I did get two opportunities to test the waterproofing on these shoes.  On a dewy day, I found them to be as waterproof as any other shoe I’ve ever had.  My feet were perfectly dry after the round.  The other day had a light drizzle and still my feet were as dry as they started.  While I didn’t use them in a downpour, it certainly seemed like they could hold their own in the water repelling department.

The new Adidas AdiPURE Z shoes received many compliments on my feet.  I was surprised how many people noticed these classZ shoes.  So form and function can go together.  These high-end shoes from Adidas prove it.

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