Adidas MC80 Spikeless Golf Shoes Review

A Modern Classic with Drip for Days

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I showed off my style with the Adidas MC80 Spikeless Golf Shoes over the course of a month both on and off the course.  They were one of my most complimented/commented shoe I’ve worn all season.  They have a classic look, modern comfort and drip for days.  Since these Adidas shoes are spikeless I could wear them at formal occasions as well as during a casual round of golf.

This is the definitive Adidas MC80 Spikeless Golf Shoes Review for 2023.


Drip for Days??

Classic styles have so much drip (slang for cool. fancy, and a little wow fashion statement) Over the years style has been lost and replaced with comfort.  I for one was happy to test a pair of shoes right out of the box that were comfortable and needed no breaking in.  That pretty much meant classic shoe styles went away.  However Adidas brought back a classic style with the MC80 spikeless golf shoes.  They have so much drip in any of the 4 color combinations.  The white and black that I have are the most drippy.  They go great with white, black or grey pants/shorts.  People appreciate their bold, yet classic look.  I also like the fact that they are super comfortable and functional on the golf course.


Adidas has been using recycled materials now for years to create their golf shoes.  Sometimes it was obvious to the eye, however the Adidas MC80 Spikeless Golf Shoes hide any look of recycled materials with their amazing style.   The leather uppers are fully waterproof which I tested in 3 consecutive dew sweeper rounds.  They got soaked, and yet my feet stayed dry.  The Boost midsole offers amazing cushion for each step.  The TPU spikeless outsole is the right blend of flex and firm for great traction and the torsion bar in the middle keeps everything stable. They look as fancy and stylish as any pair of shoes and the materials are high end in both looks and performance.


The Adidas MC80 Spikeless Golf Shoes have a classic looks which scream sore feet the first time your wear them, however, they are as comfortable as anything I’ve ever worn.  The leather uppers is very soft and supple.  The Boost is soft for each step and they flex in all the right places.  I’ve probably walked 20 some miles in them already the comfort was just as good day 1 as they are now. They also work well in all tempuratures.  I was impressed wearing them in 100* AZ afternoon heat and then wearing them  in 40* PA morning dew.  My feet felt great in both conditions like they didn’t even know what was going on outside.


The Adidas MC80 Spikeless Golf Shoes are as their name says a spikeless golf shoe.  The traction system that Adidas used in the MC80s is a “nub” or mini spikes all over the sole. These many low spikes make for great traction on dry, wet, thick or tight conditions.  I fully tested these in every imaginable turf/ground condition.  They didn’t slip on bit.  The conbination of nubs, torsion bar and TPU flex means that the soles were stable, connected with the ground and dug in just enough to maintain excellent traction on every step and swing.  I played some hilly shots in the morning dew and still my feet were locked down. Yet the ability to walk on any surface after the round was outstanding.  I wore them to the office, to church, out to eat and to the club, never once missing a step.


The Adidas MC80 Spikeless Golf Shoes are for more than just stylish shoes, they came to play.  I am blown away by how good of GOLF shoe these are.  They might appear to be more of a fashion statement, but honestly they are more of a performance golf shoe.  They held up amazingly well to whatever weather I threw at them, they clean off nicely, they are super comfortable, they have lots of stability with their wide sole, torsion bar and just the right amount of support in the uppers.  They grip the ground exceptionally well.  These really are the best of all worlds: style, comfort, traction and stability.  Adidas nailed every aspect of this shoe from performance to style.


Adidas created one of the most stylish and high performing shoes for 2023 with the Adidas MC80 Spikeless Golf Shoes. They are comfortable right out of the box and can be worn in any condition or any situation both on and off the course.  People will notice these shoes in a good way as they appreciate the classic style while you appreciate the modern comfort and function. Adidas offers one of the best and most variety of golf shoes you can choose from in 2023 with the MC80s being the most stylish of all.  They have performance and function to go with style.

For more information: Adidas Website

Adidas MC80 Spikeless Golf Shoes – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Adidas is an athletic brand that created one of the most classic shoe designs while retaining comfort and fucntion. The MC80 shoes offer everything a golf could want in a modern classic spikeless shoe.

  • ✅  Pros: Outstanding style, Very comfortable, Great stability,Excellent traction, Out of the Box ready, Waterproof, Wear on or off the course in style.

  • ⛔  Cons: Too bold for some?

  • ⛳  Verdict: The Adidas MC80 Spikelss Golf Shoes have drip for days. You can wear these shoes just about anywhere with amazing style and function. If you want to fancy up your golf shoes without sacrificing comfort and function, these are one of the bst shoes in 2023. They are waterproof and can hold up to any golf conditions you throw at them or wear them out on the town in amazing fashion.


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