CaddyDaddy First Class Travel Bag, North Pole and Carry-On Duffel Review

Let Your Golf Gear Travel In First Class To Your Destination

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I traveled across the country to Nemacolin Resort using my Caddy Daddy First Class Tavel Bag, North Pole and Carry-On Duffel Set.  It was able to carry all of my golf gear and luggage for 1 week safely to and from my destination.  The blue color made the luggage easy to spot and the military grade material made it strong and durable. You should consider upgrading your golf travel luggage with this CaddyDaddy Set.   

This is the definitive CaddyDaddy First Class Travel Bag, North Pole and Carry-On Duffel Review for 2023.

Good Travel Bags are a Necessity

Golf is played all over the world and the only way to play a variety of courses is to travel.  Maybe a trip across the ocean is more than you are ready to handle, hopping on a plane across the country to play a top course is worth every penny.  While golfers can rent clubs when they get to their destination, it isn’t the same as playing your gamers.  Travel gear is one of the best investments in our gear that honestly, every golf should have.  You can borrow from someone, you can get a super cheap bag off Amazon, but CaddyDaddy makes a set that will last you a very long time and protect your golf gear along the way. The CaddyDaddy First Class Travel Set has everything you need at a great price and is super durable and protective.

First Class Travel Bag

Protecting your clubs, bag and accessories is the number one priority while traveling across the country.  Convenience is also important when it comes to rental cars and lodging. The CaddyDaddy First Class Travel Bag is the perfect blend of both needs.  It is made of military grade ballistic nylon and has lots of padding at the top and plastic base with wheels to keep your golf gear safe.  Then it folds down fairly small once you reach your destination so that you can fit it all in a rental cars trunk or take up only a little closet space at home.  It has big side pockets for shoes, straps and handles for easy lifting as well as protecting what is inside.  I really appreciate the blue color making it easy to spot on the carousel.

North Pole

I will not travel without a support pole in my travel bag.  If you have every watched airline bag handlers you know that your golf bag is going to be abused.  Most often going the wrong direction.  The CaddyDaddy North Pole is an adjustable safety rod with a domed plastic top to keep your clubs from getting crushed when it is dropped on the top. This $25 accessory is vital to travel for protecting your expensive woods.  It also keeps the travel bag stretched so it functions the way it is designed too.  The North Pole is the most collapsible travel support arm I’ve seen which is great for storage at the destination or at home.

First Class Carry-On Duffle

Traveling often requires more than just a golf bag to carry your clothing and travel items.  The CaddyDaddy First Class Carry-On Duffel Bag is a very efficient and effective way to carry clothing, toiletries, electronics and whatever else you need on vacation/business.  It has multiple compartments to hold everything you need and then some.  It can be packed full of gear.  I was amazing by how much I just kept putting in the duffel and still had room to spare.  It can be a roller bag or a duffel.  It has a telescopic handle with smooth wheels, it has a duffel handle and it has molded handles at each end.  There are side pockets, a top shoe compartment, a split design for seemingly double the storage.  It almost feels to big to be considered a carry on, but it fits in the overhead compartment of most airlines. It is made of the same military grade ballistic nylon to it too can withstand the beating of baggage handlers if you choose to check it. You can also link you golf travel bag to it for a single pull “train”.


The CaddyDaddy First Class Travel Bag, North Pole and Carry-On Duffel impressed me with its form, function and price.  You can get a whole travel set for less than what most travel bags cost.  Their 2 year warranty is one of the best in the business. Their military grade material is incredibly durable. The well designed pockets, zippers and detailing make this set ideal for golf travel.  It comes in 2 color options; but I highly recommend the blue since it will be easily spotted on the carousel. I’m impressed and happy that my CaddyDaddy Set got my golf gear and luggage to and from my destination safely.

For More Information: CaddyDaddy Website

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