Adidas Samba OG Spikeless Golf Shoe Review

Adidas Scores A Goooal by Bringing Back an Icon

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Adidas has been making Samba shoes for 73 years.  It is one of the great icons of “football” shoes. Generations have worn this shoe and Adidas brought these back in time for the 2022 World Cup.   The newest version of the Adidas Samba OG Spikeless Golf Shoe may be hard to find, but you really enjoy a pair if you can find them.   I’ve worn mine for 5 rounds of golf and off the course almost daily.

 This is the definitive Adidas Samba OG Limited Edition Spikeless Golf Shoes Review for 2022.

Adidas  has been a staple in the soccer world since their beginning.  The Samba is one of their most famous shoes because of its ideal design for the sport.  While many of us have never played soccer in a “professional” way, many have enjoyed the Samba style off the course.  Adidas released 5 new pairs of golf Samba shoes at the end of summer as we anticipate the start of the 2022 World Cup soon.  They are already hard to find for a reason.  Not only are they iconic shoes that Adidas made in limited releases, they are also stylish, comfortable and functional on the golf course.  Adidas scored a goooal by bringing back this icon.

The Adidas Samba OG Spikeless Golf Shoe is a throwback to a classic design and color palette.  The white shoe, black 3 stripes and the gum sole hearken back to the original or OG Samba soccer shoe.  The style is unmistakably classic Adidas.  My sons are all soccer players so the Samba seem like a perfect shoe to wear when I’m watching them play soccer or even helping them practice. These certainly aren’t limited to golf only shoes.  Adidas scored a GOOOOAL in my book with these shoes. 

The Adidas Samba OG Spikeless Golf Shoes have very good traction for the spikeless rubber sole.  I love the fact that Adidas brought these back in the spikeless version.  I have an older Samba golf shoe that they did for the Masters which had spikes.  This really limited the use of those shoe.  The new spikeless ones are perfect on or off the course.  They have small wave-like numbs all over the sole with 1 big ring of lugs under the ball of your foot.  There are also 3 white circle “spikes” by the toes for grip where you use it during a swing.  These might not have extreme grip for a competitive round, but for normal recreational rounds, these are excellent.

The Adidas Samba OG Spikeless Golf Shoes are ready to go right out of the box.  They are comfortable the first time you slip them on your feet. The only issue that I’ve found with any Samba shoe is that they favor a narrow foot.  I have a fairly normal width foot and I wouldn’t want these any narrower.  The fit is good in my standard 9.5, but wide feet need to look elsewhere.  They definitely run narrow.  However, if they fit you well, you don’t need to wait for a round of golf to wear these since they are perfect off the course too.  No one will even know they are golf shoes because of how the spikeless soles don’t stick out, nor does the style say golf shoes.  They are made with recycled materials and even have waterproof features which make them an excellent choice wherever you want to wear them. I walked 18 holes the 2nd day I had them and was really happy with the comfort, traction and function.  They stay fairly clean for a white shoe.  They collect a little dust that wipes right off. 

Adidas launched 5 versions of this shoe in late 22.  They did some fun summer colors like, OG, white, pink, blue, and yellow.  There are few of those Adidas Samba Spikeless golf shoes still available through Adidas.  There are also some retailers that look like they have stocked a few as well.  With the World Cup 22 starting soon, soccer will be on everyone’s mind.  Adidas brought back this icon to allow fans to show off their love of Samba shoes while playing golf or just wearing them casually.  This is what makes the Adidas Samba OG Spikeless golf shoes so great is their multi-function use on or off the course.   While they may not have taken over my favorite Adidas golf shoes, CODECHAOS BOA, the Samba OG has certainly become popular in my rotation because of their iconic style. 


Adidas scored a GOOOAL by bringing back this iconic shoe.  The Adidas Samba OG Spikeless Golf Shoe might be limited edition, but they certainly aren’t limited in use.   They offer great comfort, excellent golf function, and iconic style for on or off the course use. If you can find a pair of Adidas Samba Spikeless Golf Shoes; Buy Them.

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Adidas Samba OG Spikeless Golf Shoes – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Adidas has been making the Samba for 73 years. They've made it for golf before, but this return of the icon is there best yet in this limited edition spikeless version.

  • ✅  Pros: Iconic style, Excellent comfort, Good traction, Waterproof, Recyled materials.

  • ⛔  Cons: Narrow.

  • ⛳  Verdict: If you can find a pair of Adidas Samba OG Spikeless Golf Shoes, I highly recommend purchasing them. They show off a classic style as well as offering excellent on course funtion. Adidas scored a GOOOAL with these iconic shoes!


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