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The Best Electric Push Cart in 2023

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My “Shadow” the Axglo E5 Electric Push Cart followed me around for a number of rounds of golf this spring/summer in AZ.  It is the best electric push cart I used when you combine all the factors: easy fold, super stable, long battery life, best follow mode, and great price.  If you want to enjoy walking on the golf course, let “Shadow” follow you around with your clubs.   

This is the my definitive review of the Axglo E5 Electric Push Cart for 2023.

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Walking down the 18th fairway with only a putter in hand with your sights set on making a birdie is one of the absolute best feelings in golf.  In general walking and playing golf I find it the most enjoyable way.  You can sling 25lbs of golf gear on your back, you can put in on a push cart, you can attach it to the back of an electric riding cart, or now you can use an electric push cart.  I’ve found that walking with an electric push cart is the most fun.  You get the best of all worlds:  walking without the body stress of carrying/pushing.  The Axglo E5 Electric Push Cart is the best Electric Cart for 2023.


The Axglo E5 Electric Push Cart is the most stable of any electric cart I’ve used.  It is so stable it doesn’t use a wheelie bar.  This four wheel cart has a super low center of gravity and a wide base which means, even with full torque up a hill this cart doesn’t tip.  I tried, I put it to the test, I didn’t hold back and Axglo figured out the secret of avoiding wheelies/tipping over backwards.  Not only backwards but side to side it is incredibly stable on side hills too.  I was impressed in follow mode how smooth it navigated humps and bumps without tipping over.

Battery Life

The Axglo E5 Electric Push Cart has 2 battery options.  36 holes or 45 holes.  I believe Axglo took the approach under-promise and over-deliver.  I have the standard battery and 54 holes didn’t even drain it empty.  I’m not saying you should always press your luck, it is easy to recharge overnight, but even if you forget between rounds, you are probably going to be ok.  The app and the console screen have a battery gauge so you can easily see how much power is left.


“Shadow” my Axglo E5 Electric Push Cart offers the best follow mode of any cart I’ve tried.  It locks quickly onto the remote and smoothly traces the path you just walked.  There is no hurky-jerky movement, but smooth follow a few feet back.  When you stop Shadow stops; when you walk Shadow rolls. It follows best with the remote in a back pocket, but even did OK with it in hand. The follow feature is one of the top features that sets this cart apart and why I think it is the best electric push cart in 2023.  Watch the video at the bottom of the review to see it in action.

On-Course Function

The Axglo E5 Electric Push Cart uses a remote and handle dial to move.  You can either double-click the dial and turn it for cruise control speed or the remove has a joystick like disk that can either serve as steering like you would an RC car or cruise control with double-click to get it started and then additional clicks to increase speed.  It is all fairly easy to figure out, but while we have become accustom to double-clicking our mouse on the computer, the double-click remote function wasn’t as natural.  I think Axglo could perfect their remote more with a simple cruise control button. It certainly takes some work to perfect the remote use on the course.  I’d recommend practicing in your driveway/backyard before going straight to the course. There is no “brake” it is essentially in “PARK” every time you stop it.


As expected the Axglo E5 Electric Push Cart has some heft.  It weights 35lbs. so it isn’t light, but it is compact when folded so most adults should be able to lift the cart out of their trunk.  It has a couple levers and buttons which allow the cart to fold/unfold.  They are all pretty intuitive.  There are instruction, but for us “macho guys” that don’t read instruction you can easily figure it out.  The forward angle of the upper arm at first looks like you don’t have it open all the way, but it actually is designed that way for stability. The front wheel tuck into the cart when folder, the straps rotate and fit snuggly into their place when folded too.  When unfolded it looks much like other push carts.  If you want to reduce the weight for lifting you can remove the battery or even go extreme and remove the back wheels.


The Axglo E5 Electric Push Cart has the best console of any electric cart I’ve used.  Regular push carts have large full featured consoles, while electric ones have often skimped in this area; Axglo didn’t.  They have a full sized console which can hold your score card, rangefinder, water bottle, golf balls, etc under the cover in the “basket”.  The handle has the display and turn dial front and center.  The handle can be used occasionally when you are in tight quarters and unless you are a pro remote control driver, it is easier to just stick a hand on the cart and guide it safely to it’s next destination.

Bag Straps

The Axglo E5 Electric Push Cart comes bungee style straps to secure the bag to the cart.  They are pretty big so no matter how giant of a staff bag you put on the cart, the straps will secure it tightly to the cart.  The straps lock it down tightly so that it doesn’t twist or turn on the cart.  You can easily go 18 holes without having to adjust your bag, even navigating bumps and humps.

Price Point

Shadow the Axglo E5 Electric Push Cart comes out of Canada and ships anywhere in the world with a price point that beats all of its competitors because of the follow mode.  There are similarly priced electric carts that are remote drive only and there are follow carts that are much more expensive.  The combination of features, function and price is what gave this cart the crown for 2023.


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The Axglo E5 Electric Push Cart will follow you around the golf course like a shadow.  It offers the best of all world for walking with excellent stability, easy of use, follow mode, long battery life and a secure ride for your bag.  With just a tweak to the remote this cart would be just about perfect.  As it is now it is still the best electric push cart for 2023.  I enjoyed every round I’ve used it for and have finished every 18 holes impressed by “Shadow”.

For more information: Axglo Website

Save $100 with code IGR100

Axglo E5 Electric Push Cart – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: The Axglo E5 Electric Push Cart is the best electric cart in 2023 because of it's high quality features which function nicely on the course. It makes walking 18 holes fun and easy.

  • ✅  Pros: Stabilty, Long battery life, Easy fold/unfold, Follow mode, Excellent console, Great price, Snug bungey straps.

  • ⛔  Cons: Double-Click cruise control on remote.

  • ⛳  Verdict: If you have always wanted an electric push cart, Axglo E5 Electric Push cart is the best model on the market because of the combination of features and price. It has the best follow mode and a long battery life. The remotes takes a little learning, but once you figure it out you will enjoy having a "Shadow" on the golf course.


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