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Review: Bettinardi Queen B II Putter

Pretty enough for a woman, Sweet enough for a man!
It is not easy to design a putter that appeals to both men and to women.  At best, it tends to be something that is really set up for one gender or the other, and the other just adapts in order to put that club in play.  But I think the Queen B II is unisexy.  I think it appeals equally to a man or a woman.  There is no pink paint fill, no men only stamps, it just looks great in the hands of either gender.
The design specs of this putter are what are going to make it so appealing to so many golfers.  The standard head weight of the Queen B II is 360grams which I have found to be really popular with golfers of all levels.  Just those 10 extra grams of weight really offer a nice slightly heavier feeling head without getting uncomfortable.  The slightly shorter heel to toe is one of the more sought after designs around right now.  Just do a check of what the ¾ putters or mini ansers are going for.  This one is not quite ¾ more like ⁷⁄₈ but it is just a little more compact which looks near perfect to my eye.  The front to back dimensions are just a little deeper, which also works out very well when it comes to balance and alignment.  It feels so solid and lines up so easily because of the extended flange, but yet looks compact to the eye.  It is still an anser putter and not even close to a mallet.  Finally it has a shorter hosel on it cause a little more toe hang.  This is perfect for my swing as I have a strong arch.

The other detail that makes this putter stand out would have to be the cashmere bronze finish.  It is another winner by Bettinardi.  It is this soft golden PVD finish over soft carbon steel.  The soft carbon steel offers one of the best feels available in a putter.  The elegant stamping of the bee on the face and the words on the bottom look very regal.  The coolest little feature that I like is the honeycomb milling on the bumpers (as well as the face).  It is just another reminder of Bettinardi’s attention to detail.  The Winn grip is standard in feel and the golden and white colors look excellent along with a really detailed Queen B headccover.

Ordering this putter was a little different than how I normally get my putters in for review.  Most often I order a putter with the specs I want, as I have learned over the various fittings, most often a pretty stock set up.  But this one went directly to the Bettinardi Studio B in Minnetonka, MN at 2nd Swing which is a scaled down version of the original Bettinardi Studio in Chicago.  It came in ungripped and ready to be fit.  I went in and spent some time getting my putting stroke checked out and then this one was cut down, gripped and bent to fit me perfectly.  I can’t say enough about how important putter fitting is.  For more information about the Studio B putter fitting experience, click here.

But as always, a good looking putter might be a great show piece, but the real test is how does it work on the course?  This winter in MN we were blessed with no snow and surprisingly really nice conditions.  The greens were firm and smooth and most rounds I used this putter for it was actually quite pleasant.  I found amazing confidence with this putter on the course.  I rarely play for money or bet while golfing, but one of my rounds with this putter I got into a little skins game with some friends.  This putter was rock solid; I sank numerous putts to frustrate the competition.  I have been so happy with this putter it has moved to the top of my putter rotation.

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, this putter is unisexy.  It really will look good in either genders bag.  The design specs and attention to details make this putter pretty enough for a woman yet sweet enough for a man.

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Quick hits
+Perfect design specs
+Amazing Finish
+Unisexy Details
+On course success

–Beauty and function comes at a price

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