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Review: Bettinardi Queen B Model 6 Putter

Falling in Love with the Queen's Curves

When it comes to ladies, “curves” are in.  It seems every song, every article, and every picture is about being curvy.  It seems fitting then that the new Queen B Model 6 Putter is curvy.  The new shape and finish are absolutely stunning.  It’s one of those putters you just like looking at;  in the bag and on the green.  Bettinardi has created a line of putters for women that are also very appealing to men.  The Queen B has the delicate touches that a woman might like, yet is curvy and beautiful that a man can appreciate.  I found myself falling in love with the Queen’s Curves.

Putters come in all shapes and sizes, but certain styles fit our eyes better than others.  The Queen B Model 6 is a hybrid shape that really fits my eye.  It is shorter heel to toe, and deeper front to back.  Not a full 3/4 model, more like a 7/8 size.  It still possess a blade like look with a thinnish top line, but the high toe is what really makes it appealing.  The wider flange creates confidence at address and the double bend shaft allows it to set up really square at address.

The new finish on the Queen B line is called Savannah Blue.  It is a version of a “gun blue” finish that is more refined and has “rainbow” tones in just the right places.  Paired with purple and white paint fill this whole putter just pops.  The Micro Honeycomb milling on the face looks perfect too.  All of this is done on a carbon steel putter for incredibly soft feel.

The finishing touches are very high-end too.  The Pure white grip looks very classy and the embroidered purple headcover completes one of the best looking putter packages in golf.  The only slight issue I had is that the putter cover is a blade style cover and the Queen B’s “curvy” body just barely squeezes in and out of the cover.  At first I wasn’t sure if I was even going to be able to remove the cover, but after a couple rounds on the course, things stretched out a bit.

So can the Queen B really work all those curves?  Yes, she can!  I had the opportunity to get her on the course in MN before my trip to Quivira Golf Course, Cabo San Lucas, MX.  During those rounds I felt very comfortable with how she putted the ball towards the hole.  The Queen B Model 6 is very easy to align.  The wide flange, big pocket, single alignment line and double bend shaft all set her up nice and square every time.  The high toe looks so good at address.  The wide flange also creates forgiveness and balance during the stroke and at impact.  The soft carbon steel is soft, but not “insert” soft so that distance control was very easy.  The 360gram headweight also makes it really solid but not too heavy.

I can’t say I gained strokes on the green but I didn’t lose any either. She is face-balanced so depending on your stroke style it may or may not be a perfect fit.  Even though I have more of an arch putting stroke, I didn’t feel like I was adjusting at all to use this putter.

If you are a fan of good looks and good results, the Queen B Model 6 is a great option.  Sure it isn’t cheap, but rather than lust after someone else’s curvy lady, you can get your own.  All the details make this a great putter for a woman or a man.  The color scheme, the shape, the feel; it all works in perfect harmony.  Bettinardi has me falling in love with the Queen’s curves.

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Quick Hits:
+Awesome shape
+Beautiful finish
+Great balance
+Easy to align
+Soft feel

–Tight headcover

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