Review: Bombtech Grenade 2 Driver

Hit it High and Watch it Fly
The Driver is the one club that golfers and golf companies are constantly upgrading and trying to achieve  more straight distance.  While the category has been dominated by the large OEMs, Bombtech golf has set out to take them on with their dual cavity design and lower price point.  Their University of Vermont designed club is said to offer better results than the big names.  The new Grenade 2 is 50% more aerodynamic than the first model making it faster.   If you can create more speed, hit it high and keep you spin down, you can achieve long drives.  Was Bombtech able to do that with the Grenade 2?
Bombtech offers the Grenade 2 in two lofts, 9* and 10.5* with 4 shaft options, senior, regular, stiff and x-stiff.  I went with the 9* loft in a stiff flex which would be my standard in most drivers.  It has a nice mat black crown with a polished silver face and sole accented by lime green paint fill.  The shaft is made for lightweight graphite shaft.  The zipper headcover offers good protection for the head and shaft.

The first thing I noticed when the Bombtech Grenade 2 driver arrived was the face loft, or at least appearance of face loft.  It looks like a 15* head rather than a 9* head.  The protruding leading edge, the set-back mat black paint on the crown gives it a very lofted appearance at address.  There is no fear of hitting the ball low with this club.  While I don’t have the tools to measure face angle, this one looks and plays higher than stated.

On the course, the Bombtech Grenade 2 hits the ball high and straight.  The loft plays higher than stated and the dual cavities offer amazing forgiveness.  The dual cavities work much like cavities do in irons by making the head more forgiving.  This certainly ranks up at the top of my list of forgiving drivers.  I didn’t quite hit 14 of 14 fairways, but I was certainly in play on all 14 drives.  I think that if you are having trouble finding the fairway, this is as good as it gets for keeping more drives in play.

The all titanium head has very solid feel too it and the sound is very metallic, without being loud or annoying.  The Bombtech Grenade 2 is very pleasing to the ears and hands at impact just like the Wedge set from Bombtech. Solid feel without going to any extreme.  The shaft is on the soft side and seems to be a fairly high launching, higher spinning shaft.  It offers good whip, but I’d suggest going up a flex.

The Bombtech Grenade 2 didn’t wow me with distance.  The higher flight and higher spin didn’t allow me to maximize my swing with this driver.  It wasn’t short, but there are certainly longer drivers out there for me.  The new shaft is lightweight, plays a little soft and generates a little more spin than I need.  But what I handed this driver to a golfing buddy and it completely changed his driving instantly.  He went from constantly hitting short slices out of play to finding fairways and hitting them further than he ever has.  He was sold after the first round and has continued to love it.   The higher spin, the higher loft, the soft stiff shaft are absolutely perfect for his needs.  This driver has changed his game and made it sooo much better.  I’d probably need an x-stiff shaft and might even need the head adjusted to a lower loft.

Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Bombtech Grenade 2 Driver

  • Spin: 2762 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 17.2*
  • Dispersion: 6.5 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 105.4 mph
  • Ball Speed: 149.1 mph
  • Total Distance:  261.7 yds
  • Carry Distance:  249.4 yds

The Bombtech Grenade 2 Driver has real potential for the right golfer.  The high bombs that my friend now hits are game changing for him.  It wasn’t quite the right club for me, but they do offer a guarantee if you don’t like it.  It offers amazing forgiveness and hits the ball high.  If you need those things, this is a great club.  It is great to watch the ball fly high and straight.

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Quick Hits
+Hits the ball high
+Very Straight
+Solid feel
+Nice shape and looks
+Reasonably priced

–Too much spin for me
–Too much appearance of loft