REVIEW: Birdie Bundle Subscription Service

Did They Get The Surprise Golf Subscription Right?
Over the last 5 years, there have been multiple golf subscription services that promise to provide you with a monthly box of golf gear at a reduced price.  They all claim to send you $100 worth of gear for around $50/month.  The real question is not so much the value, but the value to you.  Every box claims to have more value than what you paid for it, but is it stuff that you actually want?  There is something fun about surprises, but it can also be disappointing if much of what you receive isn’t really gear you like.  So, Did Birdie Bundle break the mold, or do they offer the same gear as the other subscription services?
Birdie Bundle offers 3 different plans for their monthly subscription service; Primary ($50), Premium($100), and Combo( $72).  They are all based around an apparel components, golf balls, and accessories.  My Premium Bundle came with a Peter Millar Polo, Oxford Shorts, a sleeve Bridgestone Tour B XS golf balls, a retro Bridgestone Hat, a Callaway magnetic ball marker, a Callaway training aid, and a Birdie snack bar.  It is a solid kit and everything fit perfectly.  I liked everything in the kit, except the snack bar was oatmeal raisin which I won’t eat.  I think the retail value of the box is around $200.

The Birdie Bundle process is better than most, since they have an online quiz when you sign up asking  you questions about what you might want.   This way they can tailor their bundles to line up with your style and preferences.  They ask your sizes so that you get apparel that fits and they also ask you style preferences as well as your accessory desire.  This quiz should help them make your Birdie Bundle better for you.  I’d assume they try to pack bundles appropriately to match the golfers wants.  While the bundle will still be a surprise, they should get something closer to what you want compared to other subscription services.  This to me is one of the successes of the Birdie Bundle.

I like getting a box of golf gear as much as the next golfer.  Birdie Bundle has attempted to crack the code of value vs. value to you.  My premium box was a very solid offering and had decent value.    You have to decide if you want to take the risk of getting gear you may or may not want on a monthly basis.  You aren’t locked into a long term contract, you can try them out a few months and cancel at any time.  They appear to be working really hard to get high quality products in their boxes to make subscribers happy.   Birdie Bundle is a solid offering if you want surprise gear delivered to your doorstep every month.

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