Review: Boccieri Secret Putter Grip

The Easiest (and cheapest) Way to Buy a Counterbalanced Putter
You have maybe read about all the rage concerning counterbalanced putters.  I’ve personally had really good success with some of them recently.  Because anchoring is no longer going to be an option in the near future, companies are trying to find ways to stabilize the putter and improve putting.  Counterbalancing is a way to shift the weight and balance point to help someone with their stroke.  The new Secret Putter grip is the easiest way (and cheapest) to turn your current putter into a counterbalanced model.
Boccieri has been doing counterbalancing for a long time.  Pretty much from day one, his putters and clubs have had some form of counterbalancing.  The Heavy Putter has been known to have extremely heavy putter heads and additional weight under the grip to try to balance that out.  I felt like some worked, and some didn’t.  It was all about finding the right weight and balance for your stroke.  The key is engaging the bigger muscles to create stability and consistency of stroke.  Additional overall weight tends to do that, especially adding an extra 155gram grip to the putter helps.  The oversized grip also keeps the hands out of the putting stroke thus improving ones putting.

So how do you turn your putter into a counterbalance putter?  It might be as simple as installing the Boccieri Secret grip on your putter.  There is no doubt in my mind it will change the balance point, moving it higher and closer to your hands.  It might be the answer, it might not.  You could end up losing all feeling of the putter head, especially if you have a very lightweight putter head already.  For me that doesn’t work well, maybe it would for you.  If you putter head is already heavy then this will work perfectly, anything 375grams and heavier you should be able to slap it on and go.  If you have one with adjustable weights, you could go heavy and get good feel too. 

While there are other ways to counterbalance a putter, Boccieri Secret grip is by far the easiest way to get some weight under your hands or above them.  I found I liked it even better was to add 1 inch to my putter.  I would then choke down that 1 inch and have just a little of the 155 extra grams of weight above my hands which I think makes for an even better balanced putter.

Boccieri is the king of counterbalance and backweighting golf clubs.  Their line has had it since day one.  While not everyone will see benefits from it, if you would like some weight under/over your hands without buying a new putter, the Boccieri Secret Putter Grip is the way to go.  It is the easiest (and cheapest) way to get a counterbalanced putter.

Quick Hits
+Easy counterbalance
+Works well on heavier putter heads
+Soft feeling grip
+Can even get some weight above the hand
+Midsized help disengage the hands

–Counterbalance isn’t for everyone