Bushnell Tour V6 Shift Laser Rangefinder Review

Distances Even Faster and More Accurate

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I had a Bushell Tour V6 Shift Laser Rangefinder on my bag for 5 rounds of golf giving me super fast and accurate distances. Bushnell continues to dominate the laser rangefinder market at every level from pro to amateur. The Bushnell Tour V6 Shift is the newest model which offers improvements in speed, optics, accuracy and distance. 

This is the definitive Bushnell Tour V6 Shift Laser Rangefinder Review for 2023.


If you make the best rangefinder on the market in the Pro X3, what do you do for an encore?  You make the Tour V6 Shift model just as good but without a couple of the bells and whistles.  The new Bushnell Tour V6 Shift Laser Rangefinder is the next best laser rangefinder you can buy.  If you don’t feel the need for altitude, temperature and barometric pressure calculated into the distance, can survive with 1x less magnification and want to save $200, the Bushnell Tour V6 Shift Laser Rangefinder is the next best thing.


The Bushnell Tour V6 Shift laser is the compact and lighter version of its big brother the Pro X3.  It has a good size that fits nicely in-hand while being mid-weight.  It is incredibly solid feeling and has ideal heft.  The combination of metal, rubber, and plastic creates the highest quality rangefinder with even better weatherproofing.  The IPx6 is an even higher rating for the new Tour V6 Shift.


The Bushnell Tour V6 Shift Laser Rangefinder has a 6x magnification which is 1x power less than the Pro X3 and lines up with most other lasers on the market.  It is the sweet spot for optics, distance and usage.  The display is very crisp and clear in black LCD.  The optic lens is crystal clear and bright.  You can spot anything and everything in the bright AZ noon sun or the dark overcast twilight round equally well.  The LCD numbers are  very easy to read.  You have the option to get slope adjusted measurements or simple line-of-sight distances.  The slope switch is a big silver “B” that slides forward or back depending on your slope or no-slope preference.

On-Course Usage

The Bushnell Tour V6 Shift Laser Rangefinder comes with Bushnell’s grey  “hard” case which has both a zipper and a bungee strap to keep it secured when not in use.  The BITE magnet is wonderful for use while in a riding cart.  It “locks” to the roof arm with zero fear of it falling off.  The only reminder is to make sure you take it off the cart at the end of your round.  The new white accent color makes it move “visible” at the end of your round too.  Another hint is to keep your keys in the laser case because it might not be there when you return asking if they found a laser on a cart because Bushnells aren’t “found” very often.

Speed and Distance

The big question is why upgrade?  The new Bushnell Tour V6 Shift Laser Rangefinder is the fastest laser I’ve used.  While it might be milliseconds, it is noticeable.   I was impressed by how fast it calculates distance and slope adjusted distances. It takes away the guessing game of distance and does it quickly.  Not only are the calculations fast, hitting intended targets are outstanding with PinSeeker.  This JOLT lets you know you hit the intended target with the laser rather than something behind your target.  I never felt the need nor did I need to double check my distances with the Bushnell Tour V6 Shift Laser Rangefinder.


The Bushnell Tour V6 Shift Laser Rangefinder might be the encore model, but the combination of speed, accuracy and price point make this the perfect laser for most golfers.  It offers improvements over previous versions and has nice touches like size, color, weight, accuracy and speed.  I appreciate that Bushnell keeps pushing themselves to improve their laser technology and offers units for different needs and price points of golfers.  There is a reason that 99% of tour pros use Bushnell.  They remain the king of the hill of laser rangefinders. Bushnell increased their speed and accuracy with the Tour V6 Shift laser Rangefinder. 

For more information: Bushnell Website

Bushnell Tour V6 Shift Laser Rangefinder – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Bushnell continues to lead the market of laser rangefinder. The Tour V6 Shift is the encore version with plenty of features and improvements to their laser technology and function.

  • ✅  Pros: Fast, Accurate, Crystal clear display, Durable, BITE magnet, 6x magnification, Pinseeker, White shell color.

  • ⛔  Cons: Cost.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The Bushnell Tour V6 Shift Rangefinder is the 2nd best laser you can buy after the Pro X3. However some might like it even better with its size, speed, accuracy, and shell color. If you want the fastest and most accurate distances. You need accurate distances to play better golf and this will give you every detail you need.


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