REVIEW: Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track Golf Ball

Fit from Green to Tee
Playing the correct golf ball has recently become a topic of discussion. Golf ball manufactures are trying to explain what makes their ball different (and better) in order to educate consumers. There often seems to be differing opinions as to what is the best golf ball for you. I think without question a Urethane covered golf ball is going to best for 90% of golfers. Then it has to do with pairing up the specific needs of your swing. There is a reason companies make lower spin, higher spin, lower launching, higher launching, firmer and softer golf balls. You don’t need a robot to test which ball is best for you, grab a couple sleeves or even that collection of different balls you found in the woods and start seeing what works best for you. Start your fitting on the green and work you way to the tee. (opposite of what most people do) You might just find how good of a fit the new Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track golf ball is for your game.
With potentially a 1/3 of your shots during a given round being on the green, it seem most important to start with your golf ball fitting on the green.  The new Triple Track lines on the Callaway Chrome Soft X golf ball make this one of the best balls on the green.  Yes, you can draw lines on any golf ball, but the 2 color lines placed in the perfect pattern every time are a nice touch for putting alignment.  I will say there is a little learning curve to using the lines.  When you stand behind the ball or bend down to line it up, you might find yourself looking down over the putt with a seemingly different angle.  You need to learn how to see and align the lines the same from both angles.  I’ve never really been a “line” guy, but I have learned that I probably should be with the recent success I’ve had putting with the Triple Track lines on the Callaway Chrome Soft X. 
The other reason this ball has been so good on the green is the feel.  While some might claim that feel doesn’t matter, on the green it has a direct impact on your speed control.  If you feel the ball is hard or soft, you tend to adjust your stroke speed.  The Callaway Chrome Soft X is a compromise, it is near the firm side, but still feels soft at putter impact.  For me it is the “Goldilocks” of golf balls, not too soft and not too firm.  On my backyard putting green and on course testing, I had some of my best alignment and distance control with the Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track golf ball.
Moving back from the green, wedge and short iron shots become critical to scoring.  These shots can make the difference between pars and bogies.  While the days of super grooves are gone, I can still put some pretty good spin on the ball.  My main concern isn’t purely a how much or how little spin, but “how predicable?” and “how consistent?” is the spin I need for the shots I am hitting.  It doesn’t do me any good to hit a shot close to the pin that zips back 10 feet because it has so much spin, or try to hit one tight that runs out 15 feet.  I want to know what the ball does and find a way to control it each time.  I really liked the feel and performance of the Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track ball.  I just had a lot of hop and stop action.  The triple track lines didn’t always line up, but I could see their rotation after shots and on approaches which gave me a sense of how the ball was reacting off my clubs.
The iron and hybrid shots will vary in distance on almost every hole, but knowing the distance and trajectory with every club with the same ball is valuable.  I found this ball to be on the longer side with irons and hybrids.  I’m not talking a full club, but just a partial club longer or at least the full distance I expect for each shot.  I felt like it launched high and landed softly, but often at the max yardage I have for irons and hybrids.  Paired with forged irons the Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track golf ball feels amazing from the fairway.
The last club I fit for a golf ball is the driver.  I hit this club and ball combo around 14 times during 18 holes and it makes a big difference if I am hitting fairways or not, but distance isn’t the end all and be all of my golf game.  While there might be a longer ball off the tee, this ball is no slouch.  It might be like a yard or two difference at most.  I’m not after pure distance anyways.  If I was, I’d play some 2-piece iomer covered ball that feels like a rock and doesn’t spin, but goes way far.  I love how the Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track launches in that “window” I’m looking for with low spin.  That combo creates a ball that is long.  I also like using the Triple Track for driver alignment too.  I point the line down my target line and swing away.  The soft feel is very pleasant to the ears and hands as well.

You need to find the ball that fits you, but make sure you get fit properly for you game.  Start on the green and work you way to the tee.  The Callaway Chrome Soft Triple Track golf ball might be your choice, especially with the alignment aid, great feel and results from green to tee.  You don’t need a robot, you don’t need to cut the ball in half; just use the eye and results test.  Do you putter better?  Do you score better?  Are you playing better golf with this ball?  If you can answer yes, then you have a good fitting ball.  While feel might be hard to quantify performance wise, it does impact your game and your mental side of performance.  Personally I think the Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track is the perfect feeling ball.  Combine alignment, feel, green to tee performance, and I have a ball that is fit for my game.

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Quick Hits:
+Triple Track alignment works
+Best feeling ball
+Green to tee performance
+Long off irons
+Great spin for short game
+Nice launch window off driver

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