Review: Cleveland 2135 TFi 1.0 Putter

Golf is a Game of Millimeters, 21.35mm to be Exact
It is really fascinating to study to science and math of golf.  How the smallest of increments makes a big difference.  The advent of high-speed cameras and doppler radar launch monitors have taught us a great deal about how clubs and golf balls interact.  A gram here, a millimeter there can alter the results of a golf ball just enough that it doesn’t go where we want it to; in the hole.  Cleveland is using science to change the design of their putter.  The exact center of a golf ball is 21.35mm.  Cleveland raised their alignment aid to that level so that the golfer aims at the center of the ball for putting.  Golf is a game of millimeters, 21.35 to be exact.

The alignment aid the big talk of this putter and rightly so, it really is the first of its kind.  Sure others have put the alignment aid in different spots, flange, top line, etc, but Cleveland is the first to put it at a scientifically significant spot.  Below is a video clip as to how they came up with this idea.  Besides all their research, my simple on the course, playing-the-putter research backs up much of their claim, this thing lines up great and hits the ball on line repeatedly.  The smooth and straight roll this putter offers is very accurate.

While the 21.35mm alignment is their story, the TFi is just as much a part of the success of this putter in my opinion.  The True Feel innovation is a copper face backed by a copolymer layer that creates a consistent soft feel off the face.  Insert putters don’t agree with my game, i can’t get the feel I want directly off polymer, but when you putter copper face over it, this thing becomes a machine of consistency.  Additionally milled copper is one of the softer face materials, you have a very soft feeling face, but without the mush.  It is easy to judge speed off the putter face with this well balanced, well aligned, soft feeling face.  An interesting side note as the copper and copolymer are exposed on the corners of the putter.  I liked the look, while other might not. 

Cleveland is offering 3 different options in this line.  The 1.0 is my preferred style of putter.  It weighs in at 345 grams for kind of a standard weight and is topped with a soft Lamkin pistol style grip.  It has a nice headcover that does a good job of protecting the putter in the bag. When you consider the off the rack price of this putter, you won’t find a better deal on a putter.

Cleveland is re-positioning itself as the clubs for 125 yards and in or as they say #Own125. This putter is a perfect compliment to their successful wedges.  It offer real technology to help align the ball better and has a great feel off the face for consistent results putt after putt.  The real bonus is that it won’t cost you as much as new driver.  Golf is a game of millimeters, Cleveland says 21.35mm to be exact.

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Quick Hits:
+21.35mm alignment-aid works
+TFi copper/copolymer face feels awesome
+Excellent balance
+Great price

–Visible copper/copolymer on the corners.