Review: Club Glove Travel Last Bag XL

Keep everything safe while traveling
If you have ever had the chance to watch how the airlines handle your bags, you might have been less than happy with how roughly they are tossed around.  Maybe you’ve seen them dropped,crunched, kicked or squished.   They don’t handle your clubs any gentler.  I’ve seen golf bags fall off the top of the cart right onto the tarmac.  Maybe you’ve even had the horror of opening up your travel bag to find damage to your driver, irons or your bag.  I hate having to worry if my clubs will make it safely to my vacation destination.  There is nothing worse than playing a new, often expensive course without your favorite clubs.

Take the worry out of traveling with you clubs by using the Club Glove Last Bag Travel XL.  There is reason the guys that make a living with their clubs use Club Glove travel bags.  They are unsurpassed at getting them to their destination safe and sound.  While there are cheaper bags out there, why take the chance with your expensive clubs.  I have more value in my golf bag than any other bag I travel with.
In addition to the protection the bag offers, it has room left over to put your clothes, shoes and other travel necessities.  You can easily pack for a golf week between the Last Bag and a carry-on.  The only worry is not so much about the space, but about the weight.  Since the airlines only give you  50lbs to work with you might need to be creative with exactly how much you pack, but the bag has plenty of space.  I ended up getting the XL bag because I have been taking the iGr staff bag along with the Cobra Long Tom driver so I needed the extra space to accommodate those toys.

You can order your bag in just about any color you can imagine, I suggest a bright color so that it will be easier to see at the carousel.  They will even embroider your initials on the bag too.  They have a couple different sizes so you don’t have to get a bag big enough for a staff bag and a long driver.

Another handy tool that I think is worth every penny that compliments the Last Bag well is the Club Glove Stiff Arm.  It is an adjustable dome topped stick to protect the woods from getting snapped off.  It holds the top of the bag nice and secure so you get the maximum benefit of your Last Bag.

In the airport the Last Bag is really easy to maneuver and use whether you have to run through the airport or you have to stand in line for an hour just to get checked in.  (I had both the last time I traveled).  It stands up by itself on the base, it rolls easily, and it can even connect to the Club Glove Train Reaction system. 

The zippers are really thick and heavy duty.  There are also 3 clipped straps that wrap the bag; securing the contents within the bag.  There is ample padding around the upper part of the bag to protect all the clubs, while the rest of the bag is made of really heavy duty nylon, called CORDURA. Here is was Club Glove says about it. (Single piece burst proof construction made with Invista™ Cordura® 1000 D water resistant nylon up to 3x stronger and lasts up to 5x longer than standard polyester)

The plastic base plate wraps up the back so you can lay it down or stand it up.  The only downside might be that even when you collapse the nylon upper on itself it still is a little large to store, nothing crazy like a hard-sided case, but some travel cases do store a bit smaller, but I’d rather have to find a couple extra inches to store the Club Glove Last bag than worry about my clubs while traveling.  You get all of this made in the USA.  My clubs will only be traveling in a Club Glove Last Bag XL!!

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Quick Hits
+Unsurpassed protection
+Space for staff bag, long driver and more
+Variety of colors
+Easy to maneuver
+Made in the USA

–High-end price