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Review: Cleveland 588 Forged Wedge

Cleveland’s Best Wedge Ever!

Cleveland has been making wedges for a number of years.  They have been very popular on tour and in the hands of amateurs.  So in order to create their best wedge yet they needed to change up a few attributes of previous wedges.  The old 588 has been one of the most popular wedges in history, but I think the new forged 588s are even better.

Comparing the 588 forged wedges to some of the other CG wedges I have reviewed or seen at the store, the 588 forged wedges have the best head shape.  The leading edge transition with the hosel is much straighter than some previous models and the overall shape is just right to my eyes.

The forging is the biggest factor that makes these stand out above all other Cleveland wedges.  While their cast wedges of the past were well done, they just don’t compare to that soft feel of a forged club.  With so many wedge shots being touch/feel shots having a soft forged head really is appreciated.

With all companies going to the new grooves there sometimes can be a lack of spin, but Cleveland’s “Laser Cut’ grooves are really nice.  I found them to spin very well, as well as some of my old Cleveland wedges.  I think I was disappointed in the past, and these were a pleasant surprise at the nice holding power these grooves had.

I was able to put a different combo visually in my bag that I ended up really liking;  a 56* wedge in satin finish and a 60* wedge in chrome finish.  While I typically match my wedges, this was actually really nice to have the two different finishes especially on these two wedges based on the majority of use they get.  The satin finish is really nice on a sand wedge since it takes such a beating; the pre-dulled look was minimally affected by the sand.  The chrome on the other hand typically finds grassy conditions and the smooth shinny finish looked really nice still after multiple rounds.  It also made it really easy to grab the right wedge out of the bag, just by looks.   Like Cleveland has always done, you can get a variety of bounce options with one, two or three dots.  So depending on your normal playing conditions and swing style you can get the bounce fit you needs.

I was also really happy to see the True Temper Tour Concept shafts in these wedges.  They offer a solid firm feel yet excellent control on touch shots.  Full shots are much nicer with these than previous “made for” shafts in Cleveland wedges.  The Lamkin grips are a solid stock offering too.

On the course these wedges dropped right into my bag with no adjustment or changes needed.  I found myself in a green-side bunker on the first hole I put these in play and the 56* cut through the sand and lifted the ball softly onto the green.  It did that repeatedly bunker after bunker.  From the fairway this consistently hit 95 yards on the dot.  I could get it to land, hop and roll out just couple of feet in a very controllable manner.  The 60* became the wedge for everything else.  I found it to hit 80 yards and shorter with precision.  It was easy to control all the touch shots too.  While the grind wasn’t as aggressive as many wedges I have put in play, but I could still open it up and hit the delicate flop shot.  It just offers a solid soft feel on every shot.

The final aspect that puts these 588 forged wedges over the top as Cleveland’s best wedge, is their addition customization process offered through the “My custom wedge” program.  The variety of options is endless.  You can get different colors, finishes, stamps, logos, grinds, and even some screen printing.  While there is an upcharge for all this, if you are looking for something unique, check it out at

So whether you want to buy a 588 wedge off the rack or have one custom made just for you, you really won’t find a better Cleveland wedge.  I do believe these are their best wedges ever.

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Quick Hits
+Excellent head shape
+Soft solid forged feel
+Nice spin for conforming
+Many customization options

–Customization can get expensive

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