REVIEW: Cobalt Q-6 Slope Laser Rangefinder

No Questions; Only Accurate Distances

With the increased reliance on measuring devices in golf, I’ve witnessed many golfers that so heavily use their laser or GPS that they can’t even begin to process or “guess” the yardage to the hole for an approach shot.  While using a laser can certainly help dial in their yardages, it can also be problematic when their device is wrong.  You wouldn’t think it to be the case, but GPS sometimes advances to the wrong hole or is just plain wrong.  Sometimes lasers hit the wrong targets or when you are using the slope features you get confused between the numbers.  The Cobalt Q-6 Slope Laser Rangefinder leaves no questions because it accurately hits the target every time and only gives you one number to think about.  It is extremely accurate and the optics are second to none.  It is an impressive laser rangefinder with a sturdy design and intuitive features.

While you might be hearing of Cobalt for the first time, they’ve been making laser rangefinder for years.  Laser Tech known as LTI started making lasers for NASA in the 90s and then became a mainstay on the PGA tour in the early 2000s.  This year they decided to bring their expertise to consumers with their direct to consumer line of Q-6 laser, in slope or non-slope.  They pride themselves on their accuracy.  They have been developing and perfecting this technology for years.  This isn’t some brand that threw their logo on an open source product from a random factory in China.  They’ve developed their technology and product their own laser rangefinder.  The Q-6 Slope  is their flagship model.

At first glance the Cobalt Q-6 slope laser rangefinder does what every other laser rangefinder does; you look through it, press a button and it gives you the distance between you and the target.  While basically this is true, how it accomplishes, what it shows you and its accuracy is where it shines.  This is one of the fastest lasers on the market.  While I don’t worry about 100/s of a second when I’m testing speed of a laser rangefinder, this one is as fast as any I’ve ever used.  The instant I press the button, I immediately have the distance.  I’ve also been really happy that no matter how many times I press the button to be certain I hit the target and have the correct distance, I always get the same numbers, I’ve never miss shot the distance with the Cobalt Q-6.

The Cobalt Q-6 slope laser rangefinder also has a unique dial and smart switch system, which is also one of the best and easiest to use.  There is an illuminated switch for slope or no slope.  Then there is a dial with a button in the center for adjustments to brightness and yards vs. meters.  It is simple and fool proof.  It takes no instruction manual to make this laser rangefinder work.  With the PinSense technology as well as Surge you have additional confidence that your hit the target and not something in the background.

The Cobalt Q-6 Slope laser rangefinder’s display is super crisp and clear.  The 7x optics make it super easy to focus on your target.  One of the unique features that I really appreciate is that fact that it doesn’t give me 2 distances in the display, one adjusted for slope and the non-adjusted distances.  This honestly is just confusing in most lasers.  Cobalt shows the adjust distance only and then gives you the degrees up or down that it used to calculate the distance.  This means I’m not going to use the wrong yardage or question what I should be hitting.  I see the distance it displays; I know it is accurate and then I just hit the shot accordingly.

The Cobalt Q-6 Slope laser rangefinder has a lifetime warranty.  This is a bigger deal than you might think. While I can’t say warranties are a often big deal to me; I did have another brand of laser rangefinder that had its LED display partially go out.  It was very hard to figure out the distance with a missing 1/2 number.  It happened on the 26th month of owning the unit which means I just missed getting it fixed under warranty and they offered 20% off a new unit instead.  So a $500 laser rangefinder that is basically worthless unless I spend $400 more.  I applaud Cobalt’s confidence in their product and their super easy lifetime warranty.  You don’t need a receipt or warranty card, just send it in.   This is a big deal and another reason the Cobalt Q6 Slope laser rangefinder should be on your list for a new rangefinder.

The Cobalt Q-6 slope laser rangefinder also comes with a different style of case.  Instead of one you have to slide the lase in from the top, you open up a clam shell style case which makes it easy to retrieve or place the laser in the case.  It has a bungee strap to close the case.  It also uses a round carabiner clip to attach to the bag.

The Cobalt Q-6 slope laser rangefinder is one of the best laser rangefinders on the market.  If you want a rangefinder that eliminates questions while using it and one that you can trust its accuracy, the Cobalt Q-6 is for you.  The optics are outstanding, it has a nice shape and weight for your hand and the smart switch is very easy to figure out.  You can be confident every time you pull it out of the bag for any shot.  If you are in the market for a new laser, check out the Cobalt Q-6 Slope Laser Rangefinder.

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Quick Hits
+Very accurate
+Easy to use
+Rugged construction
+Excellent optics
+Only one distance
+Adjustable brightness
+Lifetime warranty

–No magnetic cart attachment

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