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The Lowest Spinning Driver for 2002

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I played 10 rounds of golf with the Cobra LTDx LS driver in my bag. It hits the ball with the lowest spin of any driver I tested in 2022.  Cobra keeps pushing the boundaries with their drivers. This one brings together a bunch of technologies to create long low spin bombs.  I was also able to hit it on my FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor to collect shot data.

Here is my overall experience and thoughts on the Cobra LTDx LS Driver.


Low Spin is a key for stronger, faster swinging golfers to get the most out of their drives.  However making that low spin pleasing in the other areas of a driver is really the unicorn that golf companies are chasing.  Low Spin, Tons of Forgiveness, High Launch and Accuracy.  Oh and don’t forget great looks and excellent feel.  Basically a perfect blend of all these factors so that non-tour golfers can get tour results.  No one has created such a driver to date, but the Cobra LTDx LS is an outstanding attempt to check off every box of that golfers needs.  It shines brightest in the low spin category, but hits some high marks in the others as well.

The Cobra LTDx LS Driver has most of its tech on the sole and near the face.  As you can see from the picture above, the PWR Core weight as right behind the face and then a couple adjustable weights are just behind that.  All in all that means there is a whole bunch of mass low and forward.  Low and forward means low spin.  This is one of the lowest spinning drivers I’ve ever hit, and certainly the lowest of the 2022 drivers.  Low spin is helpful for the stronger/faster golfer because it keeps the ball from spinning up or out which will mean a loss of distance.  It also means that when it hits the ground, it doesn’t have excessive spin friction so that it will roll out the maximum distance on the fairway.  However low spin isn’t for everyone.  If you don’t swing fast or don’t generate launch, you need spin to keep the ball up in the air, otherwise you are losing yardage.  So make sure you know your parameters before you just chase low spin.  I generate plenty of launch and spin off the tee so this combo really helped.

The Cobra LTDx LS Driver comes in 2 color options, black/orange or navy/red.  This year the navy/red combo is glossy rather than the matte of 2021.  It looks amazing.  The carbon crown and sole is said to be 30% more carbon than previous models which means even more discresionary weight for Cobra to move forward.  The shape is tradition and compact.  There are couple paint details that frame the size nicely.  It has 2 spines on the crown which not only serve as strength and airflow, they also frame the ball nicely for aiming.

Cobra improved their face technology for the LTDx LS with H.O.T Face.  The name pretty much says it all, but the H.O.T. stands for Highly Optimized Topology.  It is the newest version of variable thickness face based on impact simulations to maximize ball speed no matter where you hit it on the face.  As you can see by the picture above, I am not a tour pro; the entire face of my driver gets used for contact.  It is also the infinity face which is milled and wraps around the leading edge for maximum ball speeds.

The Cobra LTDx LS Driver is a bomber.  While I’ve had some difficulty shaking the on-course driver yips, when my swing is halfway decent, this things hits long, low spin shots.  I’ve been impressed how the ball just hangs in the air and goes and goes.  The launch is easy too with quick loft, but then flat down range flight.  It is easy to get the ball in the air with the 9.0* driver and yet it didn’t spin higher or sideways.  I left the adjustable weights with the heavy heel and lighter toe which kept the flight mostly neutral to maybe a tiny fade bias.  This isn’t going to be a “slicers” driver.

The Cobra LTDx LS driver is simply very playable.  It isn’t a swing fixer, but if low spin, good launch and amazing feel are high on your list of needs, this driver offers all of that.  Cobra did a great job of making this club feel hot too.  Sometimes low forward weight gets harsh, but since they were able to use additional carbon fiber, that seems to have kept a soft muted feel at impact.  Forgiveness can be somewhat swing subjective, but I was happy with the good results of good swing and the better than expected results with poorer swings.  The key for me was consistent distance for shots even if I missed the “screws”.

The Cobra LTDx LS Driver comes stock with the Mitsubishi Tensei AV RAW White Graphite 65g stiff shaft as well as a couple other options.  This low spin, low launch shaft seems like the perfect compliment to this head which is also aiming for low spin and launch.  This shaft has certainly been popular in 2022.  It is for the strong golfer with a firm, yet very smooth feel.  It is nicely balanced and has a strong kick.

Cobra LTDx LS 9* Driver Stats

Data from Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

 Spin: 1815 rpms

 Launch Angle: 12.7*

Dispersion: 5.7 yds

 Club Head Speed: 105.8 mph

 Ball Speed: 156.5 mph

 Total Distance: 304.2 yds

 Carry Distance: 278.9 yds


Cobra went lower for 2022.  The LTDx LS spins less and launches lower.  This is a great combo for better golfers who are fighting spin and launch.  The other models by Cobra can fit the needs of other golfers.  The Cobra LTDx LS Driver has gamer potential because it keeps my spin in check, my launch flat and my drives long.  The combo looks amazing and feels even better.  If you want to take your score lower and hit your drives longer, this might be the low/low combo you need.  For me it is the lowest spinning driver of 2022.  Cobra improved their face tech, their weighting and yet maintained amazing feel.  This combo is worthy of a good look for 2022.

For more information: Cobra Website

Cobra LTDx LS Driver – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Cobra moved everything forward to create the lowest spinning driver for 2022. The other LTDx models offer benefits for other swings, the LTDx LS is for the stronger/faster swinger.

  • ✅  Pros: Lowest Spin, Low Launch, Excellent feel, Decent forgiveness, Straight, and Outstanding looks.

  • ⛔  Cons: Too low spin/launch for some.

  • ⛳  Verdict: If you need low spin and low launch; Cobra designed this driver for you. It tested out as our lowest spinning for 2022.


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