Review: Druh Belts & Buckles

The Belts of Champions
There is a reason that some of the best golfers in the world wear Druh belts.  They make some the finest leather straps to go along with a classy, bold belt buckle. 
For the consumer picking a belt can be a challenge if you just want to go to the golf store and get one.  You will find buckles you like from one company and straps that offer the look you want from another.  That is what makes picking a Druh belt better.  You have your choice to mix and match any strap with any buckle.  The online process is really easy.  It is a 1,2,3 step.

Not only is the ordering process really simple, the choices within that process are outstanding.  While they might not offer lots of plain belt straps, they offer a great collection of exotic straps, textured leather, ostrich, snakeskin, etc. in a variety of colors.  It is one of the best collections of straps online.  I decided on the dark brown ostrich.  I liked the look online, but in person it is far better looking.  The leather itself is just the right mix of firm and soft.  By that I mean it is nice when a belt strap has some body to it, if they get too thin or flexible they don’t hold up well or maintain their shape in the loops of your pants.  Yet it is soft enough to be very comfortable and flexes enough not to cut into your body in any way.  The straps use a snap to secure the interchangeable buckles to the end.  This belt quickly became my favorite strap of any of the belts I own.

The buckles themselves are very nice too.  I decided on the big buckle in white enamel, and included in all such orders is a second buckle which is pressed DB aluminum buckle.  They are interchangeable.  They use a single post system for latching the buckle in the holes of the belt.   I was curious how comfortable this buckle would be since it is bigger than any of the others that I have.  I was concerned that it would cut into my less than 6-pack abs, but after many days and rounds wearing this belt, it is completely comfortable.  The smaller cut-out buckle is a little tamer and smaller, making it a great choice when not golfing. 

I really like the trend of big buckles, custom belt and color in the golfing world.  I think Druh belts offers one of the easiest ordering processes and wide variety of straps to fit just about any golfer’s desires.  These high quality straps and buckles are exactly cheap, but there is a reason champions are wearing these belts, they are some of the best are the market.

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Quick Hits
+Excellent leather straps
+Quality buckles
+Big bold look
+Variety of buckle and strap combos

–a little pricey