REVIEW: Dry Glove

Antiperspirant For Your Hands??
“Pit Stick” is (or should be) part of your daily routine. After you get showered and dried you put a couple swipes of deodorant/antiperspirant under your arms. It is a pretty basic hygiene practice so that you don’t stink up the office. Even if you are doing something fairly active, it helps reduce BO. While it doesn’t stop all sweat, it certainly reduces sweaty pits. While it isn’t practical to slather your whole body with deodorant, there are few sweaty spots besides arm pits that would be nice to reduce sweat. One place that would be nice to have some help would be sweaty palms. Either nerves or heat can turn your grip into a slimy mess. Dry Glove is Antiperspirant for your hands. If your hands get slick in the heat this is a golf product you might want to check out. (it works for other sports too)
Playing golf with a glove is pretty much standard for most golfers.  The increased gripping ability in any weather condition makes a glove on your non-dominant hand vital to good scores.  Even with a glove, the heat can cause sweaty palms which interfere with a solid connection with the club.  While the heat in AZ is a dry heat, 110* is still 110* which causes everyone to sweat.  While it may dry quickly, you can soak a golf glove in no time during the summer heat.  If you live in a humid climate, it is even worse.  I ruined a glove in just 1 round during an extremely hot day when my palms never stopped sweating for the whole round.  Dry Glove was invented to solve sweaty palms.
Dry Glove is a simple lotion that requires just a small dab for both hands.  Rub it in well and your hands will stay dry and sweat free for about 4 to 5 hours.  It has no odor, it drys quickly, leave no residue or grit.  Your hands just have a “dry” sensation for hours.  I’ve tried it now numerous rounds and even with some pretty hot AZ weather, my hands didn’t sweat at all.  It works just as it says, your hands stay dry.
Can Dry Glove replace a golf glove?  While Dry Glove doesn’t claim to be a glove replacement,  I found that I could maintain solid grip for an entire round without a glove.  If you don’t like to wear a golf glove, this product is perfect for you.  I still like to glove to reduce the wear on my skin from golf grips, but it also reduced the wear on my glove.  No longer is my glove soaking wet after a round of golf.  This product will certainly increase the longevity of your golf glove in the hot summer months.  The other benefit can be if you can reduce grip pressure because you aren’t afraid of slippage your swing will be better too.

 Dry Glove is antiperspirant for your hands.  It does just what it claims to do, keep you hands sweat free for a round of golf.  I’m impressed with how it works and can see the benefit of this product when the temps soar.  If you have sweaty palms, this might even be an everyday sort of product for some people.  If you can reduce a stroke or two off your game because you maintain better grip on the club then it is a simple investment in your game.  If you can lengthen the life of your glove, it also becomes a wise investment.  As their slogan says, “if your sport requires a glove, then your hand requires Dry Glove.”

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Quick Hits:
+Sweat free hands
+Play golf glove free
+Lengthen the life of your glove
+Reduce slippage of grip
+Allow you to lighten grip pressure