Review: ECCO S-Three Shoes

3 Additions to the Sole that Started It All
ECCO is the father of the spikeless shoe movement.  While there were spikeless shoes before ECCO, the Street spikeless shoe that Freddy Couples wore over 10 years ago became “the” shoe that has spawned many other spikeless shoes.  Their original “design has stood the test of time and still remains in Ecco’s line-up today.  That sole design started an entire movement and for 2020 it got some additional updates to make this one of ECCO’s best shoes yet.
The ECCO sole that started it all is the place we begin our thoughts.  The sole that create traction on the ECCO S-Three shoe are very similar to the original Street.  They call it: E-DTS® traction system which consists of approximately 100 TPU traction bars boasting 800 traction angles.  This traction system works great on the course and off the course.  It is also very gentle on the back for walking and playing golf.  This was always a main attraction of the spikeless system.
A major upgrade to the ECCO S-Three shoe is the Gore-Tex upper.  These are made with SOFT CALF NAPPA leather instead of Yak Leather.  This makes them just as soft and comfortable, but fully weather proof.  They are lightweight, breathable and water proof.  While I don’t use that as much in the AZ desert as I did in MN, there are still time of monsoon rain or over watering by the golf course that requires waterproof shoes.
The biggest selling point of the ECCO S-Three shoe is the 3 zone midsole.  They created 3 different areas, each with a different rigidity.  ECCO does a lot of research on the foot and learned how pressure is distributed differently on the foot and thus the firm/soft needs change by areas of the foot.  ECCO was able to create a “Zonal Fluidform” midsole to match the needs of the foot while walking and swinging.  While I could not pinpoint those changes or transition points, I’ll take ECCO’s word for it since these shoes are really comfortable, very stable and feel great even after walking 18 holes right out of the box.
ECCO S-Three shoe also has an OrthoLite® insole which is removable and washable.  While it isn’t necessarily a big deal, it is what the bottom of your foot feels and this one is really nice for that additional cushion.  I like that it is washable because this is most often what absorbs the foot odor and starts to smell.  I haven’t washed it yet, but appreciate the fact that I can.
The ECCO S-Three Shoe comes in a 3 color palette which is fairly muted, white, grey and concrete.  They add just a touch of color to give them life, but keep them muted enough to wear on or off the course in style.  I am impressed by these shoes by ECCO since they offer great comfort, full waterproof and keep that original spikeless sole for comfort walking and on course traction.  These feel like a really nice addition to the sole that started it all.

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Quick Hits:
+E-DTS Sole for great traction and comfort
+Gore-Tex upper for breathable waterproof
+Zoned midsole
+Stylish yet muted colors
+Out of the box ready
+Washable insole

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