REVIEW: TRUELinkswear OG Feel Shoes

The Perfect Combo of Knits & Originals
Mashups are pretty popular right now in just about every industry.  Companies like to take their most popular products and combine them.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  The TRUElinkswear OG Feel is the perfect mashup of the TRUElinkswear Knits and Originals.  The sole and heel comes from the Originals while the uppers and toe box come from the Knits.  I’ve been so happy with the Knits and Originals that I thought it might be tough for TRUE to outdo themselves, but these are PERFECT.
The TRUElinkswear Knit have been my favorite shoes since they came out.  For golf in AZ, it doesn’t get much better than a breathable, lightweight, super flexible shoe.  As awesome as they are, they don’t offer much support/stability.  If you swing really hard your foot will move in these shoes.  The TRUElinkswear Originals have also been a favorite for different reasons.  They offer more support, waterproof, a little more traction, but just a comfortable and flexible.  Taking the best of both shoes to make the OG Feel is brilliant on TRUEs part.

The TRUElinkswear OG Feel shoes have the same sole and heel cup as the Originals.  This gives them some really solid traction.  I’ve found the Original sole grips the turf a little more than the Knit/Major sole, especially around the edges.  The heel also has more support since it uses leather instead of knit to encase the heel area.  This gives more support during the swing so that your foot won’t slide around even during the most violent swing.  They also have a zero drop design which makes them feel more natural and like going barefoot.

The TRUElinkswear OG Feel use the Knit material on the top of the foot and for the toe box.  This creates a really comfortable and breathable shoe.  The fit is like a sock.  They are so lightweight and flexible you can wear these instantly out of the box and walk 36 holes without any discomfort.  The color combos are really nice looking too.  I received the grey, black and brown combo.  They look really cool and can be paired with virtually any pants or shorts.

RUE knocked it out of the park again with the OG Feel shoe.  I know it sounds like a broken record on all my TRUE reviews, but honestly they are that good again.  I have a lot of shoes that I’ve reviewed and I almost always wear TRUEs.  The TRUElinkswear OG Feel is the perfect combo of the Knit and Original.   If you want maximum comfort, on course stability and off the course style, these are just the shoe you’ve been looking for.

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Quick Hits:
+Knit uppers and toe box
+Original sole and heel
+Super comfortable
+On/off course spikeless