#ECCOCOOL Launch Event


This past December, I had the opportunity to participate in the launch of the latest release from ECCO Golf, the ECCO COOL golf shoes.  This is the time of year when golf equipment and apparel brands bring their latest innovations to market.  There are times when I get the sense that a particular manufacturer feels strongly about a new introduction.  It’s like that feeling you get lining up a putt and you know its just going to go in the hole before even making a stroke.  This happened to be the case when I received the call about the ECCO COOL launch.
ECCO assembled a cadre of golf media at PGA National Resort and Spa in West Palm Beach, FL.  The logistics were rather simple: learn about ECCO COOL, grab a pair of them and play a round of golf, provide us with feedback.  Oh, and by the way, you’ll be playing with ECCO Ambassador, Ernie Els!

The presentation of ECCO COOL was lead by David Helter, Sales Director, ECCO USA, and Jay Stroup, from Gore-Tex.
Some COOL facts about ECCO:
-ECCO owns and operates their own leather tanneries and have 6 worldwide making them the 5th largest tannery in the world.
-Louis Vuitton, Coach, and Wilson Sporting Goods source some of their leather from ECCO Shoes.
-ECCO basically invented the spikeless casual golf shoe when Fred Couples wore the original black pair at the 2010 Masters Tournament.
-At present, the golf shoe market is relatively spilt between 50% spiked and 50% spikeless.

​What makes these shoes so COOL?  The ECCO COOL is really a marriage of shoe technology from ECCO and Gore-Tex.  ECCO COOL is constructed with Gore Tex Surround technology inside the shoe.  ECCO and Gore-Tex designed the shoe together right from the drawing board.  The entire shoe, top, bottom, sides, are said to be guaranteed 100% waterproof from all angles.  In addition to ECCO, Gore-Tex provided all of their own independent lab testing on the integrity of the waterproof system.  When they say they’re waterproof, they really mean they’re waterproof.

​The blue midsole is designed to ventilate the heat produced by your foot during a round of golf which enhances breathability.  As you walk, the heat gets forced out of the ventilation system as you put your foot down.  When you foot lifts, air gets circulated back in through the ventilation chambers.  The end result is the climate inside your shoe is dry and cool.  That’s COOL.
​As mentioned, ECCO owns their tanneries and produce their own leather.  As a result, they maintain their own quality control on leather used. There is a sense of pride about their leather and it’s construction. The golf shoes aren’t worn out to dinner or made to wear sitting at an office cubicle.  They’re designed for 5-6 hours of rugged use on the golf course in varying elements.  ECCO COOL is designed with Dritton Leather which is very soft yet durable.
On Course Testing
Following the presentation, I had the opportunity to get fitted for a pair of ECCO COOL shoes and put them to the test.  I typically wear a size 10 US.  I found the ECCO COOL to run a little longer in length, and went with a size 43 which translates to a 9/9.5 US.  Like every other ECCO golf shoe I have tried on, these are absolutely comfortable right out of the box with zero break-in period required.  The ECCO COOL’s are bedroom slipper comfortable.  If you have a wider foot, the first layer insole is designed for removal to accommodate a wider fit.
​The testing center was The Fazio Course at PGA National.  I primarily wear spikeless casual shoes when I play for the sake of comfort.  On the range with the ECCO COOL (spiked) I was reminded just how stable spiked shoes are on wet (morning dew) turf.
​On the first tee, I met and introduced myself to Ernie Els.  For a moment, I forgot I was even wearing shoes.  My only thought was to just make contact somewhere near the center of the face.  Els was a true gentleman, approachable and patient.  His nickname, The Big Easy, is very well stated, he carries himself as if there isn’t a care in the world.  He is a dedicated profession and dedicated to the Els for Autism Foundation, “We’re in it for the long haul.”
​Without hesitation, I can say I have never worn an uncomfortable pair of ECCO golf shoes, and have migrated to them in my off course choice as well.  Their leather, fit, finish and durability are outstanding and live up to their premium price tag.  After 18 holes, the ECCO COOL delivered in both comfort and performance.  I am looking forward to putting them through the paces on my home course during the 2017 season.

The ECCO COOL Golf Shoe

-Gore-Tex Surround 100% waterproof construction with increased breathability from all angles.

-360 degree breathability through midsole and Gore-Tex membrane upper construction.

-Combination soft and durable Dritton leather and technical stretch fabric upper for athletic look and feel.

-Champ Slim-Lok spikes offer reduced weight and ease of replacement.
-Removable inlay sole offers the option for extra width.

-MSRP: $280