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Best Fit = Best Wedges
Edel has been into custom fitting since day 1.  Their custom putter carts are a work of art in golf shops around the country and now their wedges can be fit by the same fitters.  Wedges might be the most crucial clubs in your bag to get fit for.  They can be the difference between shooting in the 70s or in the 90s.  While most companies offer a variety of wedges and grinds as well as fitting options, Edel does it best.  They offer the best fit which equals the best wedges.

I don’t think there is another wedge company that has so many stock grids available to the fitter.  I went to Totally Driven in Edina, MN for my fitting.  I’ve worked with them before on a fitting so I knew it would be good, but this was even better than expected.  I’ve hit a lot of wedges before, but seeing the rack of Edel wedges of their 8 grinds and multiple lofts really had me confident I’d find the right fit.  After talking with Andy about my game we narrowed the search down to a couple different grinds.  We started by using a lie board to figure out my bounce and grind needs.   He would hand me wedges and I’d hit a few 3/4 shots then hit a different wedge.  When he handed me the DVR 22 I knew instantly that it was the wedge for me.  I could just tell from the set-up to the clean contact, it was what I liked.  We then went over to a larger chipping area and it was perfect, tight shot after tight shot.

After the fitting I contacted Edel wedges and we talked about the specs I was fit for and then I asked them to do their thing as far as stamping goes.  I gave them my iGr initials as a suggestion and my @iGolfReviews Twitter handle and mentioned that I liked some of their previous ones with circles on them and would like red, black and white paint fill.  They did all the magic after that.  I couldn’t have designed them better myself.  At first they weren’t sure if they could do lower case letters, but they surprised me when they arrived. The look of the wedges were even better than I expected. 

The 54* and 58* came in with a polished back and a matte face.  The DVR grinds on both look great and the DG S400 shafts and Edel wedges grips all make for a stunning yet functional package.  The D3 swingweights were right on.  Every detail from the fitting, to the shipping, to the product itself were all spot on.  They do offer forged or cast heads.  These are just the cast model, but they are almost indistinguishable from a forged wedge, the feel is that good.

Custom wedges are noticeably better on the course.  The combination of confidence and fit allow you to focus on your shots and their results rather than trying to manipulate the wedge to do something it might not be fit or able to do.  This spring I’ve found myself with shorter putts after wedge shots.  I can’t say I’m holing out any more chips but my scores have stayed low because of my better wedge play.

Edel wedges have many great features that go along with the fitting them make them perform so well.  Their thin area near the hosel allows it to cut through taller grass with ease.  The higher bounce keeps it from digging and offers great creativity with your shots.  The longer grooves mean that you are less likely to miss them, especially as you open up the face and hit shots closer to the toe. 

Flightscope X2 Launch Monitor

Edel 58* Wedge

    • Spin: 9982 rpms
    • Launch Angle: 52.3*
    • Dispersion: 2.7 yds
    • Club Head Speed: 78.1 mph
    • Ball Speed: 83.9 mph
    • Total Distance:  86.1 yds
    • Carry Distance:  84.8 yds

Edel does offer an online fitting, but I highly suggesting getting fit for these by one of their professional fitters around the country.  It is worth the time, energy and drive.  If you want a better wedge game, it starts with better fitting wedges.  I think Edel offers the best fitting options and the best wedges on the market right now.  Add some custom stamping and you have super cool looks and outstanding performance all in one wedge.  They run a little more than an off-the-rack wedge, but with the custom fitting often included in the price, you really owe it to yourself to get better fitting wedges; your scorecard will appreciate it.  Best Fit = Best Wedges

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Quick Hits
+Awesome fitting options
+Custom stamping
+Higher bounce
+Extra long grooves
+Great on-course results

–Higher price
(especially if you add lots of custom stuff)

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