REVIEW: Evnroll ER10 Outback Putter

Face Tech Gets Paired With Body Tech

If you’ve been around for a little while, you know by now that Evnroll has some pretty impressive “sweet” face tech.  The variable groove design has been a proven winner in multiple tests.  The consistent roll that comes off an Evnroll putter face is what makes this putter brand.  While Evnroll has almost a dozen different head shapes, none has a much body tech as the ER10 Outback Putter.  This extremely high MOI shape is named after its “boomerang” weight flange on the back of the body.  It serves as both weight and shape.  This putter has a lot going on, but it isn’t just for looks, it is all about getting the ball in the bottom of the hole.  I’ve been impressed with the marriage of face tech and body tech in the ER10 Outback Mallet Putter.

If you take a glance on tour, the big body mallet putter with high MOI is one of the most popular putters.  It has won majors and multiple events.  While there are a number of different OEMs that make some version of this, the Evnroll ER10 Outback is one of the most unique versions of that design.   One of the big keys to this design is stability.  The ER10 Outback is about as stable as you can get.  The boomerang flange is heavy and set back to the corners.  This creates a wide stable base to resist twisting thus ultra high MOI. I personally was a big fan of the Evnroll ER2 Putter although this one gives it a good run for its money.

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The Evnroll ER10 Outback is a multi-material putter designed for great feel, ultra high MOI and cool looks.  The Patented Evnroll Sweet Face is a stainless steel insert into a lightweight aluminum body.  The body is black with a “fang” shape while a heavy stainless steel “boomerang” is screwed onto the underside for stability, weight and contrast.  The 370gram putter is a good weight which doesn’t get too heavy at 34″.  There is a whole bunch of body tech to get ultra high MOI in this putter.  That means this putter doesn’t want to twist during the putting stroke.  You get a face that helps keep you ball consistently on-line and a head that stays on-line meaning: straighter more consistent putts. by design.

While putter grips aren’t a highly talked about feature on a putter, I’m finding more and more the benefit of the putter grip.  While there are many after market putter grip options, many of which are options straight off the rack, Evnroll created a new weighted grip that is rather impressive.  They call it the “Gravity Grip”.  It is weighted, but with a rod along the bottom, meaning the weight is on your fingers as you stroke the putter.  It helps your hands feel the square of the face.  The grip is also more square shaped to ensure you can square the face up by just placing the putter in your hands.  It is impressive how connected your hands feel to the face with this grip.

Taking the Evnroll ER10 Outback on the course showed that this high MOI putter is the king of the “knee knocker” putts.  If you are grinding to win a tournament or match or just making sure that you putt out every single putt no matter how short, this putter is virtually a lock to make anything under about 6 feet.  Sometimes golfers get lazy during casual rounds and don’t putt out anything “inside the leather” but that can lead to bad habits and under pressure those shorts can be harder than one would imagine.  The ER10 Outback relieves that pressure.  Just set the putter down, line up the flange lines and roll the ball in.  It is so repeatable and easy.  Inside of 6 feet, this is the best putter I’ve ever used.

So how do the Evnroll ER10 Outback putter work over 6 feet?  It rolls the ball just as nice and with great confidence from any distance.  My stats say I didn’t make as many long 1 putts, but had short 2nd putts.  I was extremely consistent in getting into a short 2 putt range.  I’m guessing that my arc stroke breaks down some on long putts with a face balanced putter.  I was never far off, but didn’t drop as many 20 footers as it felt like I should with this putter. 

The Evnroll ER10 Outback putter is perfect for high pressure golfing situation.  The sweet face tech paired with ultra high MOI body tech makes 6 foot putts “gimmies”.  The consistency for longer putts in terms of direction and speed is also impressive.  If you need some stability on the greens, this might just solve some of your “knee knocking” putting woes.  The smooth roll and high MOI means consistently straight putts on your aim line.

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Quick Hits:
+Face tech is legit
+High MOI body for stability
+Nice feel
+Cool looks
+6 foot automatic
+Consistent results

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