REVIEW: Evnroll ER1.2 Tour Blade Putter

Best Darn Roll Now With The Best Darn Shape
Does the shape of your putter really matter?   You’ve probably heard the expression, “I could putt with anything as long as it gets the ball in the hole.”  While visually you might not care what it looks like, your eyes and stroke do care.  Last year I had the opportunity to test the Evnroll ER2 putter.  I loved the look of the wide body anser putter and was blown away by the face technology.  But no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t make it work.  The roll was the most consistent of any putter I’d ever tried, but my stroke was the most inconsistent when I had that putter in my hands. The new Evnroll ER1.2 Tour Blade however has changed my stroke consistency.  Not only do I get the best darn roll you can get with a putter, I also have a darn consistent stroke with it.
If you don’t remember who Guerin Rife is, here is a little recap: He started the putter company Rife Putters in 2000 and became famous for the 2-bar putter.  Upon selling that company a few years ago, he sold those naming rights with it.  His new company Evnroll started 2 years ago and focused primarily on face groove technology.  If you look really close at these face grooves you will see that they are not just straight grooves, but that they have wider gaps in the middle of the face and tapper near the edges.  The purpose for these grooves is to create a consistent roll no matter where you hit it on the grooves; thus the name Evnroll.

Evnroll now shows 12 models on their home page, while a couple are pretty similar just different colors.  I just recently wrote my Evnroll ER2 Review. This year I tested virtually all the models at the PGA show and fell in love with the ER1.2 Tour Blade.  Much of what I loved from the ER2 remained, but the new shape and plumbers neck fit my eye and stroke perfectly.  The head is a nice 370grams at 34″ and this time it has a standard grip instead of a backweighted grip.  The stainless steel head gives a nice solid “click” on the ball at impact.  They kept the unique alignment dots combined with the line on the flange which makes it easy to line up.  It has 35* of toe hang which is a nice fit for my arch stroke.

The groove technology is the real deal in all  Evnroll putters; they put the best darn roll on the ball.  I’ve been able to test this putter over and over on my backyard putting green. I get out a dozen balls to putt with and the results are almost unbelievable.  The balls all stop at virtually the same spot on almost every putt.  The ER1.2 Tour Blade shape also means many more of them stop at the bottom of the hole.  The roll is so consistent, but now the stroke is also more consistent with this headshape.  It isn’t a fluke as I’ve tested it against other putters that don’t offer the same consistency.  When I get it on the course, the results/scores have been as good as ever with this in the bag. The Evnroll ER1.2 Tour Blade Putter simply puts the best damn roll on the ball, period.  With the change in headshape, I also have a more consistent stroke with this putter.

Theoretically the Evnroll putter should make more putts than any other putter on the market, because it is more consistent.  I was really hopeful with the ER2 putter, but I was never really comfortable with that putter in the bag.  I’d have a good round with it, but then I’d have a terrible round with it.  The ER1.2 Tour Blade however offered exactly what I was hoping for.  Less putts per round and consistency even if I missed putts.  I only had a couple 3-putts with this putter in the bag so far.  I’ve also had numerous 1 putts and in general have been able to lower my putting average.  My average had been creeping up around 36 putts per round, which isn’t very good; thankfully the rest of my game had been OK.  A big goal of mine since getting a backyard putting green is bringing that down to under 30 putts per round.  I’m getting really close with the ER1.2 Tour Blade putter.

The Evnroll ER1.2 Tour Blade Putter is a “Gamer”.  The great roll now paired with a great head shape has made this putter one that I can trust.  If you want the best roll with a head shape that fits your eye, check out one of the 12 models by Evnroll.  The ER1.2 tour blade is the best for me, but maybe a mallet is your shape or maybe a center shaft is your preference. Check out our article of best center shafted putter which also features an Evnroll putter in it. Evnroll makes different models for different strokes, I settled on mine and have been really happy with the results.  Evnroll putters put the best darn roll on the ball of any putter I’ve tried and now they have the best darn shape to go with it.

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Quick Hits:
+Most consistent roll
+Incredible dispersion
+Great solid feel
+Easy alignment
+Best head shape
+Less putts

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