Free Fly Apparel Review

Apparel Rooted In Fishing Brings Relaxation and Comfort to the Golf Course


Ryan Heiman
Founder and head author at Independent Golf Reviews

I used Free Fly Apparel during my rounds of golf by the ocean in Mexico and while playing in the mountains in AZ.  I found it to be some of the most comfortable and lightweight apparel I’ve ever worn for golf.  While it is rooted in fishing; the relaxation and comfort it brings to your golf game is worth looking outside of your traditional golf apparel brands. 

 This is the definitive Free Fly Apparel Review for 2023.


Fishing Apparel for Golf?

Two of the most time consuming hobbies a guy can take up are golf and fishing.  They both can get very expensive with gear and the both require hours out in nature, hoping something good will happen.  I know a lot of golfers that like fishing and a lot of fisherman that like golfing.  Free Fly Apparel is rooted on in the fishing hobby, but their amazing comfort and relaxing design makes them perfect for golf.  If you are looking for some of the most comfortable golf apparel, look outside of golf at Free Fly Apparel.  They offer a classic, stylish, nice fitting look which is perfect of on or off the course.

Bamboo Flex Polo

The Free Fly Bamboo Flex Polo is one of the most comfortable shirts I own.  The Bamboo material is soft, stretchy and so comfortable.  I find it fascinating that a natural material that is so hard can be turned into thread that is so soft.  It is natural, sustainable, and comfortable.  It makes for a really nice fitting shirt as well as one that works very well for golf.  Polos are standard/required on most golf courses so this one is a perfect crossover design.  The fit is spot on in size M and it is lightweight which is perfect by the ocean, in the desert or anywhere you are playing golf. It comes in 5 natural colors which look really classy. They also offer SPF50 so you are protected while you wear them too.

Tradewind Pant

The other golf apparel staple is a good pair of khaki pants.  The Free Fly Tradewind Pant is another perfect match for golf with the soft, flexible, stretchy, lightweight and perfect fitting pants.  They are lightweight enough to wear even when it gets pretty warm.  The wind blows through them nicely, but they remain thick enough to cover your leg with SPF50 protection as well.  They offer a slim and tapered fit which is great for golf, but not so tight that you feel restricted while swinging, walking or getting in and out of a golf cart.  I really like the angled/slit side pockets for tees and ball markers for easy access, yet deep enough to keep everything in.  They are so comfortable you can wear them all day long on or off the course.

Gridback Fleece Jacket

Finding a warm jacket, pullover, hoodie, etc can be a tough challenge for golfers since you want something warm but not restricting while also offering some style.  The Free Fly Gridback Fleece Jacket checked off every box a golfer is looking for in a jacket.  It is incredibly soft like everything else in their lineup.  It is warm enough to tackle cold morning in the AZ desert without getting too hot.  It has texture and style to have an “outdoorsy” look but cool golf style.  It is very flexible and fitted so that it doesn’t impede your golf swing. It is weather proof as well so it is perfect for repelling wind and rain. This jacket gets lots of use on and off the golf course since it is full zip which makes it easy on and off as the temps change.  My wife regularly steals this jacket because of how soft and warm it is. It is a perfect fall jacket for golfers.


Who would have guessed that great golf apparel would be found in a brand rooted in fishing?  Free Fly Apparel checks all the boxes for golf apparel; soft, flexible, good fit, comfortable, stylish, and sun protection.  If you want to break out of golf apparel rut, look to Free Fly Apparel for something different yet very classy/traditional looking.  You will feel relaxed and comfortable in this apparel rooted in fishing, but perfect for golf.

For more information:  Free Fly Apparel Website

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