Galvin Green Lars Jacket

The Perfect AZ Jacket
Since moving to AZ, I’ve noticed different aspects of golf that don’t apply to other areas of the country.  I almost never rode on a power cart in MN, now I almost never walk.  I need a water bottle every time I play golf in AZ, which I could get by with the “ice cream cone” cups in MN every 6 holes.  I need a desert club in AZ to keep my forged irons from getting beat up but I needed “mudder” gear for playing MN.  My rain gear has drastically changed too.  Rain in MN is cold and unwanted.  Rain in AZ it warm and welcomed.  My typical rain gear is way to hot to use in AZ.  The Galvin Green Lars Jacket is perfect of golf in AZ when the random rain clouds appear every 6 weeks.
I love my full suit of Galvin Green rain gear.  I use it when I travel back to the Midwest or on a Bandon trip.  Here in AZ, it mostly sits in the closet.  However, it does rain and get windy in AZ, and it is guaranteed to be on my golf day.  Actually the rain is pretty exciting around here and welcome by all.  Even though my clothes will dry fairly quickly, I really like having a short sleeve coat I can throw on to keep my insides dry.

Galvin Green has put together a really nice layer system for all climates.  Galvin Green has created the Multi-Layer System, while Interface-1 is a collection of hybrid jackets (similar to the GORE-TEX, Insula and Ventil8 Plus lines).   If you browse their website they will even give you suggestion on what layers are best for the weather you will be golfing in.  Ventil8 polos are awesome in the heat, but having the Lars Jacket is even better once we enter monsoon season.  The rain isn’t cold so you don’t need full sleeves or or any extra insulation.  Just a thin shell to keep you from getting soaked to the bone.  It can also be nice in the wind, again sometimes you just want the wind from chilling your wet body.  I really like that it is a full zip too for easy on and off without dumping half the water it repelled on your head.

This isn’t a replacement for good rain gear, this is just a great piece for warm rainy weather.   If you are traveling anywhere in the South this summer, this is a perfect piece that you can play in comfortably not matter the weather, yet not overheat.  This breathable, thin, short sleeved jacket is perfect for AZ.  While it isn’t water proof like their high-end rain gear, I found it to work perfectly in the AZ desert rain.  If you need nice piece to add to your golf apparel that has a ton of function, this is the jacket for you.

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Quick Hits:
+Super lightweight
+Repels rain perfectly
+Short Sleeve