Galvin Green Ventil8 Plus Shirt

Improvements to One of My Favorite Shirts
I have to admit, I was pretty impressed by the previous versions of the Galvin Green Ventil8 shirts. (see review)    They are pretty much my “go-to” polos when I need something to wear golfing.  I love the style, love the feel and really like how they fit.  They offer a great mix of breathability and comfort.  I wasn’t sure how     Galvin Green was going to improve on that shirt.  They did.  The newest Ventil8 Plus shirt has all the same great breathability and comfort, but now in just a slightly thinner material.
Sometimes golfers believe that a polo is just a polo and it doesn’t matter who makes it or what it is made of.  But once you try on a Galvin Green polo you will notice the difference.  This is my 3rd generation Ventil8 polo.  They keep improving them with every generation.  Since moving to AZ I also think a lot more about how my shirt deals with sweat.  I think in many places of the country it might not matter so much, but when you still hit 100* in the fall, you need something that can manage in the heat.  Yet I don’t want a paper thin shirt because they tend to look cheap and some barely cover the skin enough to offer sun protection.  The new Galvin Green Ventil8 Plus is just the prefect weight.

Galvin Green Ventil8 Plus Shirts come in a number of new styles for the fall.  I opted for the Mateo 17 in white with stripes.  I really liked the subtle style.  Galvin Green offers both subtle and bold.  I appreciate the mix of options.  Their tones for the fall are a little more muted with blacks, greys, browns, blues, reds and yellows.  I could easily see myself wearing a number of the new options both on and off the course.

The Galvin Green Ventil8 Plus is one of the best shirts I’ve ever owned for on the course.  It breathes in the extreme AZ desert heat and has a nice form and fit to it.  Galvin Green always runs just a touch tighter than other brands so I wear a L in Galvin Green while some other brands I’ll wear a M.  The more Euro cut still fits really nicely.  I really like the shorter sleeves on Galvin Green shirts.  You see it all the time on TV while PGA pros are playing and they keep hiking up their short sleeves.  No need to do that with the Galvin Green Ventil8+ polo.

I know there are a lot of golf shirt options out there, but you really need to try Galvin Green if you haven’t already.  The new Mateo 17 Ventil8 Plus is my favorite shirt.  The combination of breathability, fit, style and now lighter weight makes this an idea shirt for both on the course or off the course.  Galvin Green continues to innovate and improve their product.  Check out their new fall collection of Ventil8 Plus shirts.

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Quick Hits:
+Lighterweight fabric
+Amazing breathability
+Great style
+New muted tones
+Excellent fit
+Shorter short sleeves