GAME GOLF Digital Tracking System

Track, Analyze, and Share for Fun + Improvement
Do you really know how good (or bad) you are at golf, other than your score?  When you hear people talking about how far they drive the ball or how accurate they are or how often they get up and down do you really believe them?  GAME GOLF is a digital tracking system that will allow you to track your stats and see how you compare to other golfers.  The on-course unit records your stats and then you input them into your computer to analyze them and share them.  Not only is it fun to track and see how others play, it can really help improve your GAME of GOLF.
The basics of the system are 18 screw on plastic “cap” sensors designated for each club in your bag, a belt clip sensing device, a computer program and an app.  The sensors are easy to install and takes about 5 minutes to get them on every club.  Plus the 4 extra sensors in case you rotate a couple club into the bag or want to try out a club without messing up your normal bag set-up.  The belt clip unit has a power button and recharges off a USB cord.  Once you download the program and create an account, you are good to go.  Power on the device once you get to the course, tap your club to the base of the unit right before you hit, and repeat until the end of your round.  It will hold up to 10 rounds so you can either download right away when you get home or at a later date.

Once you’ve downloaded your round(s) you need to sign off on the score card to make sure everything was tracked properly. I’m not sure I had any GAME GOLF errors, most were mine.  I’d tap it twice, I’d forget to tap it before a 2-inch putt, I’d tap it at the cart instead of at my ball, or I’d hit a ball in the water and need to add the penalty shot.  It takes another 5 to 10 minutes to go through each hole and confirm or change the shots recorded by GAME GOLF.  Then you sign your card and it is posted live for all to see.  It will analyze your distances, accuracy and recovery skills.  The graphs and charts will also allow you to compare your stats to friends and pros.

I’ve got 9 rounds in so far with GAME GOLF and I really enjoy using it.  There has been virtually no downside of using it.  Tapping the clubs on the unit is virtually invisible to your playing partners, even with the quiet beep and vibrate to confirm it caught the tap.  It takes an extra second to tap the club to the sensing unit.  It measures all the distances you hit your clubs, except your putter.  It doesn’t know where the hole is, so it just records your last putt, and then moves on to the next hole when you tap it with another club on the tee-box.  When you get home and plug it in, the round automatically pops up on your “Dashboard”.  It seamlessly downloads each round and allows you to work through it before you sign the card.  The GPS maps are really easy to move shots if you tapped the club in the wrong spot or if you need to delete or add shots.

Can you do all this without GAME GOLF?  Sure you can track approximate yardages, scores, accuracy and anything else you want with a pencil and paper, but why make it so hard, when this makes tracking accurate, easy and fun.  Adding to the tracking function of the unit is the social side of GAME GOLF.  Your dashboard will allow you to follow and share with friends.  You can see how you stack up to their game.  Even cooler is when you can compare to the pros.  For most of the stats, they are much better, but here or there you might be close or even better.  I’m actually 1 yard longer in driving average than Jim Furyk.  You can just type in your friends name and find them using the search engine.  While it is new and not all your friends have it yet, you could follow random strangers too and see how you compare to them.  You could even make some new friends, or find some other local golfers to play a round with too.

I first saw GAME GOLF at the PGA show in Orlando this winter and I thought it was the best new product at the show.  After using it for the last 9 rounds I believe is still is one of the best new products in golf.  The only thing that could make it better would be if it had a voice GPS unit as part of the current sensing unit.  Then when you’d tap your club it would tell you the distance to the center of the green too.  It would be an all in one unit.

GAME GOLF offers really easy tracking and statistics while making it fun.  If you put those numbers to good use, you can also improve your game based on your weaknesses.  I’ve never been one to keep track of all my scores or statistics, but I’ve found this year by doing so my game and scores have really improved.  Track, Analyze, and Share for Fun + Improvement with GAME GOLF.

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+Simple to install and use
+Non-intrusive tracking
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