Graphite Design Tour AD VF Shaft Review

This Shaft Will Win the Victory As Your Gamer


Tyler Fitzel
Professional club fitter and author at Independent Golf Reviews

I love fall golf for many reasons, but one in particular is the Launch (pun intended) of the new Graphite Design Wood Shafts. I have used the Brand New for 2024 Graphite Design Tour AD VF Shaft for 15 rounds of golf and simulator testing with outstanding results.

This is the definitive Graphite Design Tour AD VF Shaft review.

This shaft was featured #2 in Our Best Driver Shafts 2024 article


New in 24’ Every Victory will have a driving Force with the Tour AD VF. Well known for high performance and premium golf shafts, the engineers at Graphite Design are continuously seeking to produce the optimal shaft for your game. With 5 weight options and 6 flex designations, the Tour AD VF shaft could be your Driving Force to Victory soon. Available 10/6/23 and already in play on the PGA Tour.


Jeopardy Style: “An unmistakable pattern of jet black and red rings on a shaft used for amazing Tour level Accuracy and Distance in golf.” “What is the NEW Tour AD VF?”  Black and Red had been Sunday colors to me, but every day is Jet Black and Cherry Red now with the Graphite Design Tour AD VF. These colors POP and this shaft will match any club with style.


Stout and Crisp is how I would describe the new Tour AD VF shaft. Feel is always subject to the person making the comments, but this shaft is built for the golfer wanting to tighten up the loading and unloading feel. The profile of the new Tour AD VF is a contrast to most other shafts in the family. With a Firm+ (Butt Section), Stiff (Mid Section) and Very Stiff (Tip Section) this is one of the stiffest shafts we’ve seen for some time out of Graphite Design. I like how all the shafts for Graphite Design can be compared by Stiffness using the 3 zones of the shaft. From the perspective of a Fitter, the entire line up of Graphite Design shafts are laid out, so before you even try the shaft you can identify the key elements you need for the best fit.


The new Graphite Design Tour AD VF Shaft is designed to produce Low/Mid launch angles and Low-ball spin rates. After playing the 23’ Tour AD CQ since last fall, I found my Accuracy and Distance increased greatly. I’ve hit the driver this year with some of my personal best results, which I attribute to having a great head and shaft combination for my swing. The Tour AD VF, has a slightly lower launch angle, so I was able to turn up the loft on my driver and gain an advantage in peak high without as much spin. The stability of the shaft produced even more personal best yardages, both longer and straighter. Just when I think they have an incredible shaft for my driver, they come up with another one that works exceptionally well!


The new Graphite Design Tour AD VF Shaft utilizes the same TORAYCA ® T1100G carbon-fiber pre-preg with NANOALLOY ® technology as several Tour AD shafts from recent years. This provides the tip section of the shaft with additional shaft stability, exceptional feel and precise ball control. 

The Tour AD VF also utilizes TORAYCA ® M40X carbon-fiber pre-preg in the Mid to Tip section of the shaft as did the XC model in 2020. This strength in transition from Mid to Tip helps create a Low/Mid Launch and Low Spin characteristics, as well as give the shaft rotational stability for added consistency in shot dispersion. 

Along with TORAYCA ® and NANOALLOY ® is Graphite Design’s proprietary Material Stiffness Integration (MSI) design philosophy and technology. The way each layer of material is used helps create the unmistakable feel and performance in all Graphite Design shafts. This attention to detail in production is what makes Graphite Design one of the industry leaders. 


With 35 years of Tour proven Accuracy & Distance… Maybe it’s time for you to experience the difference a premium, Graphite Design shaft can make! Many factors go into finding the optimal shaft for your swing, find an Authorized Dealer to help you get the right Tour AD shaft in your club.

If you are not “gaming” a Graphite Design Tour AD VF Shaft you might be leaving yards and accuracy on the table, and most certainly missing out on the amazing feel that is found in all Graphite Design Shafts.  The VF wants to give you Victory Force on every tee.

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