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I hiked 6 rounds of golf in my Adidas Adicross Low Spikeless Golf Shoes. These hiking inspired shoes show off Adidas’ creativity and commitment to making shoes that golfers can use on the course and off the course.  The combination of style, unique lacing system and comfort make this a great alternative to traditional golf shoes.

This is the definitive Adidas Adicross Low Spikeless Golf Shoes Review for 2023.


Are Those Hiking Shoes??

I fielded this questions a couple times when I was wearing the Adidas Adicross Low Spikeless Golf Shoes on the course.  Since they are hiking-inspired it makes sense that people were wondering if that was the case.  But let’s be honest, much of golf feels similar to hiking,  usually just a little more groomed and a little less rugged, unless we are hitting the ball sideways.  I’ve also seen many caddies wear hiking shoes instead of golf shoes to protect their feet.  Adidas created a supportive, comfortable and unique golf shoe that looks like a hiking shoe and performs exceptionally well on the golf course and look great off the golf course too.


Adidas has been using recycled materials now for years to create their golf shoes.  In the Adidas Adicross Low Spikeless Golf Shoes it is obvious that  they use 50% recycled Parley Ocean Plastic waste and 50% recycled polyester yarn to make the mess uppers.  That is paired with a Boost Midsole and Spikeless Gripmore rubber outsole.  The ocean blue paired with neon yellow really pops.  They are a mess upper which repel dew, but aren’t waterproof.  They do dry super fast so even if you get them wet, they will be dry in no time. They only come in 1 color at the moment. 

Alternative Laces

The Adidas Adicross Low Spikeless Golf Shoes have a 2 part lacing system: a clipped hook/loop system and a bungee drawcord.  This allows you to really dial in and lock down your feet.  The bungee drawcord can be cinched pretty tight and will hold all 18 holes.  The hook/loop closure (usually called Velcro)  has a fast release clip too which allows you to set the fit and clip it on and off easily or you can leave it clipped and adjust the fit each time you wear them.  This alternative lace system is very fast on/off and simple to use for dialing in the fit.   I think that this system is easier, faster and works better than traditional laces and fits the look of these shoes, while it might not work on other styles.


The Adidas Adicross Low Spikeless Golf Shoes are as their name says a spikeless golf shoe.  The traction system that Adidas used in the Adicross is their Gripmore sole which is found in the CodeChaos shoes too.  It is a mixture of zones, ridges and flex points which keep your feet firmly attached to the ground.  I had no slippage whatsoever while wearing these shoes.  No matter how much “off-road” hiking I did, these shoes have exceptional grip.  I like how the sole flexes to stay connected to the ground, yet has a smooth look and feel while walking off the course.  These could easily be your daily shoes to work, for a hike, for any occasion that hiking shoes are appropriate.  These soles are durable and multi-functional.


The Adidas Adicross Low Spikeless Golf Shoes are a non-traditional looking shoe that performs very well for an 18 hole hike.  They are very comfortable right out of the box for all 18 holes, they grip like a champ on any surface and their alternative laces lock your feet in place easily and securely without need for adjustment.  They breath exceptionally well to so that your feet never get hot.  They are not waterproof but they dry very fast.  Sometimes waterproof doesn’t solve every “wet” issue you have on the course, but having shoes that dry quickly are just as good if not better. With their hiking inspired design you can guess that they are very stable, the wide base around the front of your feet keeps them from rolling which helps while hiking through uneven terrain while looking for your wayward golf ball.


Adidas created one of the more unique and non-conventional shoes for 2023 with the Adidas Adicross Low Spikeless Golf Shoes. They are comfortable right out of the box, are made with recycled materials, have an alternate lace system and will hold up to any walking conditions you throw at them.  They work just as well off the course as they do on the course.  If you want golf shoes that don’t look like golf shoes, but take their inspiration from hiking, these are a great option.

For more information: Adidas Website

Adidas Adicross Low Spikeless Golf Shoes – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Adidas is an athletic brand that blended styles of a hiking shoe with a golf shoec shoe. These unique shoes have alternative laces which function well for quick on/off as well as a solid fit. These hiking inspired shoes will serve golfers well for 18+ holes no matter the terrain.

  • ✅  Pros: Hiking shoe style, Alternative laces work well, Very comfortable, Great stability,Excellent traction, Out of the Box ready, Recyled materials, Wear on or off the course.

  • ⛔  Cons: Only 1 color option.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The Adidas Adicross Low Spikelss Golf Shoes are hiking inspired shoes for golf. They offer a unique style, an alternative laceing system and golf comfort and traction. The combination of Boost, recyled uppers, and Gripmore sole means comfortable function right out of the box. If you are looking for a non-traditional golf shoe, these are one the most functional ones out there for both on and off the course.


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