Heavy Putter Lite Series Q2-L Putter

An oxymoron that many golfers might like

Every time I say Heavy Putter Lite Putter I kind of chuckle.  The oxymoron of a Lite Heavy Putter sounds kind of funny, but in the progression of Heavy Putters, this is the Lite version.  About 4 years ago, Heavy Putter made an introduction to the market unlike anything available at the time.  The original Heavy Putter was a beast.  It was really heavy and while it worked well at curing some yips, eliminating the wrists and maintaining a smooth consistent stroke, most people found it just plain too heavy.  One reviewer said, “I would be very interested in seeing perhaps a more traditional offering from Heavy Putter that utilizes more traditional weighting for those who don’t need quite so much assistance in smoothing out their strokes. Perhaps it could be called the “Heavy Putter Tour Edition,” or something to that effect. Using a more traditional head weight while still incorporating the counter balance below the grip would make for a lighter (read: capable of carrying your bag) version of this already great concept; a heavy putter closer to normal standards would be the best.”  (golfdiscussion.com –Mr. Divots 2007). It took them a few years, but they took his advice and produced the Lite Series Putters.

I found the style offerings of the Heavy Putter Lite series mostly traditional and almost retro.  They made an anser style, mallet style, bullseye style, and 8802 style.  There is one other style that is a bit on the unorthodox looking side but has a high MOI.  Most styles offer a Black PVD finish or a satin finish over stainless steel.  I went with the standard anser style putter.  From top to bottom this is one well-made putter.  The head is a matte PVD black with white lettering.  The head weighs in at a slim 375grams.  The visible milling marks on the face were nice to see and the sightline is the perfect compliment to the head.  The shaft is clearly backweighted under the grip to control the wrist action and the oversized soft winn-grip is the final piece of the puzzle.  The headcover is a nice velvet-like black.  It was interesting in that the Velcro is on the inside of the neck instead of the outside.  It worked well, but sometimes did want to fall off more than some others I have.

On the putting green, it took only a few practice putts to get the hang of this putter.  It wasn’t extreme, which is perfect since my putting isn’t extremely bad, just off a little sometimes. On the course I had some very good rounds with this putter.  I have to admit, it does everything it says. The feel was a nice stainless steel click.  It did have a fairly soft feel for stainless.   I was able to keep the putter on line, eliminate my wrists and still maintain a similar feel to my other putters.  I would say that this putter is not necessarily designed to fit into a rotation of putters. If you like to rotate putters often, this may not be ideal, but if you need just a little help smoothing out your putting this would be a putter to help your game and keep in the bag.

I think Heavy Putters has a winner with their Lite Series.  While it may be an oxymoron, you won’t feel like a moron on the greens anymore when your Lite Heavy Putters is sinking putts.

For more information: http://www.boccierigolf.com/heavy-putter/lite-weight/

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