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REVIEW: Honma TW737 FWc 3-wood

Premium Name Equal Premium Performance!
Honma is famous for selling some of the most expensive clubs you can buy.  Their gold-plated ones sell for thousands of dollars.  That market is clearly for people with deep pockets.  The premium market for golf clubs is just coming into its own in the US.  Honma is bridging the gap between their premium name and kind of the standard prices with these high performing clubs. Honma isn’t just a fancy name for gold clubs, but real tech and performance will make these club stick around.  But the real question is, does a Premium Name equal Premium  Performance?  Honma surprised me with more than just an exclusive name; I was really impressed by the on-course and FlightScope results.
The Honma TW737 FWc (compact) is a no frills 3-wood with a classic look, compact shape, and no adjustability.  It is made with a steel cup face and a low forward CG.  It is clearly aimed at the lower handicap golfer.  They also make a larger model the TW737 FW.   It is offered in a 3-wood, 5-wood and 7-wood.  I personally only play a 3-wood and use hybrids to cover those other lofts.  My main objective with a 3-wood is a straight hitting club that I can hit off the fairway, from the light rough or off the tee.  I generally want it to go fairly high so I can use it to go over corners if necessary and carry a solid distance.  If I decided to use it in place of a driver, I want it to be a little shorter, but not too short, just straighter.

The Honma TW737 FWc 3-wood is one of the most impressive 3-woods I’ve ever hit.  Everything I listed above that I want a 3-wood to do, this club does with ease.  I was very happy with the on course results.  I ended playing 2 rounds with it as my main driver, because I was playing more forward tees than I normally would and driver was just too long on most holes.  I hit the TW737 FWc 3-wood into the fairway hole after hole.  It was still plenty long that I usually had short irons into the greens, but I wasn’t running through the fairways or finding hazards that would have been in my driver landing zones.  The other rounds it served more as the second club into par 5s.  I was able to reach a number of greens with this club, giving me few chances at eagle.

Once I got the Honma TW737 FWc 3-wood on my FlightScope Xi Tour i learned why I liked it so well on the course.  The numbers are outstanding.  It really is one of the best 3-woods I’ve ever tested.  It is very long, yet easy to hit straight.  Add to that the traditional looks and amazing sound and feel, you have a combo that is hard to beat for a low-handicap golfers. 

The Honma line of woods uses shafts that they make in-house.  While the Vizard shaft isn’t made by an aftermarket shaft company, nor does it have a recognizable name, it is as good as anything I’ve ever hit.  Honma did a great job with these “made for” shafts. The feel is very smooth and the results are very consistent.  The Vizard Z 70 stiff flex shaft makes for a great combo in this club.  The balance is really nice and brings the club in right at D2.  The standard Honma grip is a Tour Velvet with their logo on it, which isn’t anything special, but just a solid standard grip.  The headcover is a “sock” style cover that protects your investment nicely. 

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor
Honma TW7373 FWc 3-wood 15*

  • Spin: 3028 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 14.3*
  • Dispersion: 3.8 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 100.1 mph
  • Ball Speed: 144.8 mph
  • Total Distance:  267.9 yds
  • Carry Distance:  244.1 yds

I’m not going to tell you how to spend your money.  But to be clear, you aren’t just paying for a name, you will get some pretty legit performance from this club.  They didn’t need to make it look weird, plate it with gold or cover it in screws, but Honma simply designed a traditional looking, compact, great sounding 3-wood that gave me as good of numbers and results as I’ve ever seen.  In this case the Honma TW737 FWc 3-wood also gives you premium performance.

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Quick Hits
+Nice compact look
+Traditional shape
+Solid feel
+Very straight
+Plenty long
+Great “stock” shaft

–Too compact for some

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