Review: Leupold QuickDraw - Rangefinder Tether

Never leave your rangefinder behind again
If you have a rangefinder, at least once you have probably had a panicked feeling when you reached into your bag, pocket or cart glove box only to find it empty.  You left your rangefinder on the last tee box, out in the fairway or on the cart seat and now it is nowhere in sight.  You race back to the last place you remember using it praying that it is still there.  Hopefully you have been as fortunate as I have been to find it there every time.  If you haven’t been so lucky and you have lost your rangefinder, the Leupold QuickDraw should be on the top of your list of “must-buy” accessories for your new rangefinder.

The QuickDraw is a tether system that attaches your rangefinder to either a belt clip or cart mount with a retractable cord.  You can mount your rangefinder in two different ways; a Velcro strap alone or Velcro and an additional double sided tape strip.  I own a couple Leupold rangefinders so I tried all the different models with just the Velcro strap and didn’t have a single issue with sliding or movement.  The unit once strapped in, never moved at all.  It is also universal so that even if you don’t have a Leupold Rangefinder, other brands and models will work on it too.

Initially getting it all figured out and strapped in was a little challenging.  I consider myself fairly handy and most often can assemble just about anything without directions.  So as I was trying to figure out how the QuickDraw attached to the rangefinder I decided I need instructions on this one, unfortunately the instructions were a bit lacking.  While I’m not one that needs pictures for everything, I can read, sometimes a picture or two would be nice, trying to figure out what went where from just the worded directions was confusing.  But after a few minutes I got everything figured out and away I went to the course.

I initially used the belt clip.  I found just the right place on my belt to keep the tether in reach, but not obstructing my swing in any way.  The recoil mechanism is fairly strong; it takes a good pull to get the rangefinder out of the belt clip.  But that tension I found really helpful in holding the unit steady.  One handed use of the Leupold rangefinder can be a little shaky.  The tether took all shake out of my hand and locking on or acquiring targets was much easier, I was surprised at the difference it made.

A few rounds later I used the power cart mount which is just a quick change out of the mounting bracket from a belt clip to cart mount.  It is designed to strap onto the square tubing used to hold the roof up on power carts.  It attached very easily and very securely.  There are a couple of foam pads that you can install that really help snug it up.  The same steadiness that was offered from the belt clip was now offered on the cart mount.  I never had to worry about leaving it behind.

But sometimes you might still want to take the rangefinder off the tether especially if you are using the cart mount and the cart can’t get near where you will be hitting your ball from.  There is a simple button on the top of the clip that allows you to disengage the tether and releases the unit.  Upon return you can easily clip it back in with the push of that same button.

The only downfall might be is that Leupold needs to make a 3rd mount for push carts.  All of the pushcarts I have use round tubing.  The square tubing mount just doesn’t stay secure enough for long term use on a push cart.  It worked and didn’t fall off, but I had some sliding and moving issues.  Either a round mount or a screw into the umbrella holder would be a perfect fit for the QuickDraw. 

So if you power cart or carry your bag, the QuickDraw is the best way to secure your rangefinder so that you don’t leave it behind, with the added ability to stabilize your hand while acquiring distances is the perfect accessory.

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+Never leave your rangefinder behind again
+Steadies hand when shooting distances
+Power cart and belt mount

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