Review: Miura KM-007 Putter

The James Bond of Putters
If you had to describe 007 in a couple words, what words would you use?  Sophisticated, cool, suave and a killer.  I think you could use all those words to describe the Miura KM-007 putter.  It is one of the simplest, yet classiest putter you can buy.  There are no wild stamps, no crazy finish, no odd shape, no plastic inserts, just pure Miura forged metal, milled into a classic shaped putter.
It starts with what Miura is famous for, forged metal.  The metal billet is made from a similar billet as Miura irons and wedges are.  Then it is precisely milled to 360grams and a compact mallet, kind of “#9” shape or what some call a “Del Mar” shape.

What I especially appreciated about the shape is the compact nature of it.  The heel to toe length is on the shorter side and the front to back width was also a touch smaller than some mallets out there.  The hosel offers almost no offset so it is very flush from top to bottom.  The toe hang is 6 o’clock so it fits my strong arch putter stroke very well. I also really like that the standard head weight is 360grams; that slightly heavier head feels better and offers great balance. It is finished with a standard steel shaft and topped with a red and black Golf Pride Miura grip.  The color is very basic black paint fill and the headcover is red and white.  The headcover is OK, but doesn’t really cover the whole putter head as I would like. (pics at the bottom)  That is why as you see in the pictures below, I used one of my son’s old shoes as teh putter cover. The grip itself is very nice, but I replaced with a new Salty cork grip.  The lighter weight yet bigger sized grip fit this putter very well for my stroke.

I rolled a few in my basement on the carpet and could immediately feel the different that is Miura.  There is debate out there if the metal makes a difference or if it is the milling that creates the feel.  Does it really matter because but either way, Miura has forged metal and great milling which makes this this putter feel amazing.  As soft and solid as you can get.  There is that clean pop off the club, with out getting mushy, yet not clicky or harsh.  It really is exactly what you would expect from Miura.  One of the best feeling putters you will find.

Once I took it to the course, I really found out how good this putter was.  The single alignment line on the back flange made it easy to line up long or short puts.  The feel of solid forged milled metal made my distance control very good with this putter.  I initially was happy with the putter, but not head over heels with it.  The stock grip was just a touch too small for this putter in my hands. It seemed to cause me to get handsy with it.  I kept pulling putts. But when I installed the Salty cork grip (bigger and lighter weight), it suddenly became one of my favorite putters.  That simple change made it easier to putt straight with it and feel the head better during the stroke.  I’ve had many rounds with it under 30 putts so I am really happy with that.  I actually had my best putting round of the season with it in the bag; 27 putts. 

You will have a hard time finding such a good feeling putter, with such a classy look and timeless shape. The stamping is so minimal (just on the sole) because Miura lets the putter do the talking. Like everything Miura, the great forged feel comes at a price. But I have yet to find a golfer regret their decision to invest in a Miura. This putter is worthy of the 007 marking, it is one of the classiest putters you can find, its a killer on the greens too.

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More information about Miura Golf from: Adam Barr, the President of Miura Golf

Quick Hits
+Classic style
+Incredible feel
+Simple stamping and alignment

-Headcover doesn’t cover the whole putter head.