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How a Small Company is Finding Success
If you’ve ever done a fitting with multiple shaft and head options you’ve probably seen Club Conex.  The universal club connector system was the handiwork of Eric Burch.  After building that brand up and working in the golf industry for a number of years, he sold the company to True Spec Golf in 2015.  He’s been developing the new iron and wedge brand since then and is really starting to make a splash with New Level Golf.
New Level Golf is based in Scottsdale, AZ and has a pretty simple shop for club design and assembly.  The recently acquired space gives New Level a little more flexibility to accommodate the growing demand for their irons and wedges.  The actual tour of the space takes about 5 minutes.  It isn’t a fitting studio and doesn’t have any frills, it just has all the basic build and design shop needs.  The office serves as the design studio, the social media station, the shipping hub and accounting office.   There is a fully stocked build bench that can bend, adjust, weight and assemble irons and wedges with precision.  The rest of the facility has racks for heads, shafts, grips and accessories.  It really is an efficient small shop.   If the upward trend in sales continues, Eric will probably outgrow this shop in 2019.  Be on the lookout for some new designs in 2019: wedges, driving irons and other surprises.

One of the biggest misconceptions of New Level Golf irons is the design and manufacturing process.  There are false accusations that they are just open blanks with the New Level logo stamped on them.  New Level takes pride in their original designs which were all created in 3D CAD models.  I had the privilege of seeing the files on their computer and the process by which the clubs are designed.  While there may be similarities to other models on the market; (which virtually every iron by an OEM has too) the New Level designs are original designs!   These original designs are then sent to a manufacturing facility in China that mills the designs out of raw forged heads.  Those raw forged heads are like giant oversized irons with little shape or features; kind of a “blob” like iron head.  They are then milled to his specs and finished according to his requests with the help of an on-site engineer.  This allows for a flexible and speedy prototyping process too.  The heads are shipped from China to New Level Golf ready to be assembled to spec.  While many think that Japan is the best place to get forged clubs; this new design and milling process is precise and of the highest quality. 

The New Level Golf Iron line-up is based on Eric Burch’s preferences.   Every iron in the line has similar top lines, fairly long heel to toe measurements and “thinnish” soles.  Their forgiveness comes from the cavity design and amount of offset.  Each model number has a birthday significance to Eric.  The 610, 1031, 902, 623 are in the order of most forgiving to more “players” irons.  The soon to be released 623 irons are very close to “blade” looking irons, but have been surprisingly easy to hit with more forgiveness than expected in the small package.  The M-series wedge is classic design that has a nice grind and blends nicely with any of the iron sets or as a stand alone addition to your bag.

Since New Level Golf is a small company, you get attention to detail, personalized touch and a precise built.  Eric doesn’t let a set go out the door that hasn’t been hand inspected to match the exact specs of the request.  This also means his days are crazy long and he spends most of his time in the shop.  Since it is a small company at this point,  he does most of the design and build work, but also works in the office, the shipping department and runs all social media.

We picked the New Level 902 irons as one of the top 8 iron sets for mid handicappers

The golf industry is taking notice of New Level Golf as their heads are now found in the fitting bays of some of the top fitters in the US.  They are even expanding outside of the US with other top fitters world wide.  While you don’t have to get fit to buy a set of New Level irons, it only makes sense to at least have a good idea of what works best for your swing and what specs are ideal.  This will only add to success you will have with New Level Irons in  your bag.

Why is New Level Golf finding success is the tough golf market?  Eric Burch understands what golfers are looking for in their irons.  The designs are spot on from an aesthetic appeal.  Every model looks as good as any large OEM.  The forged designs feel great all the way through the whole line.  Finally the clubs flat out perform.  If you look at the reviews from other websites, you can read about how well golfers are hitting these clubs(My 623 review is coming soon).  Plus they can be built to your exact specs with any of the 30 iron shafts he stocks.  They are priced just a touch higher than some OEM irons, but certainly not PXG pricing.  This makes the brand reachable to many serious golfers that don’t feel like they overpaid for great performance.  If you are looking for great looking, high performing irons custom built for you, check out New Level Golf, Eric Burch is waiting to hear from you.

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