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Review: Nike Covert Forged Irons

Game Improvement with Forged Feel
Every golf company makes game-improvement irons and most make some sort of forged iron, but rarely one in the same.  Most game-improvement clubs are cast and most irons that are forged are “blade” like or small cavity backs.  The Nike Covert Forged irons are both; game-improvement and forged.  You get the best of both worlds with this set of Nike irons.
The first aspect of these clubs that make them so good is their forged feel.  They are much better feeling than their cast counterparts in the game-improvement segment of irons.  By design, these are not going to feel the same as a forged blade because of the undercut sole cavity back, but they certainly are softer and hotter feeling than all other game improvement irons. There is a real spring like feeling to the thin face.  These are actually Nike’s second club in this category with the previous VR_S Forged irons being very good too, these are just a little better.

Besides the feel, the cavity back design is improved too.  There is more mass out on the toe of these irons and less in the heel.  This has been a rising trend with almost all the irons being produced right now.  It works to keep the club head square at impact moving that weight toward the toe.  There is already ample weight at the hosel and with the off-set it balances the head for more consistent straighter shots.  The toe weight also help create a slightly better feel, especially if you hit the ball off-center towards the toe.  (which seems like a common miss)

The sole has been slight altered to offer a little easier turf interaction.  I  think the trailing edge is the biggest improvement since it has been ground down more allowing for easier turf exit.  They are still pretty wide with a blunted leading edge to prevent digging, but now they seem to get through the grass even a little easier.

The stock set-up is also and upgrade that many golfers will appreciate.  While many golfers may not be familiar with Nippon shafts, the 950-GH steel shafts that come standard in the Nike Covert Forged irons have an incredible feel, high launch and tight dispersion.  The new grips for 2014 that Nike installed on all their Covert clubs is a Golf Pride Red wrap.  They are very tacky and soft.  I’m not sure they are my favorite grips, but as much as I heard people complain about Nike’s previous grips, I understand the change.

My first time hitting them was on the range with my Flightscope Launch Monitor.  The numbers were big.  Longer by a full club, higher than normal and tight.  I hit repeatedly the same shot over and over.  It seemed like any swing would produce the same results.  I didn’t have much ability to change the ball flight.

On the course, these played just like I expected them too.  Point and shoot at pins all day long.  It took a couple holes to remember to club down, but once I got those distances dialed in, these became very easy to play.  The off-set caused me a couple shots here and there, but the long irons were so easy, it was almost like playing hybrids in the 4-6 iron.  High, long, straight and just plain easy.  The scoring irons hit the ball really high with good stopping power so that I could go right at the pin.  The additional A-wedge I found necessary to bridge the gap between my wedges and irons because of the additional length.

The Nike Covert Forged Irons are in a category of their own.  Game-improvement with forged feel is a great combo for many golfers.  These irons could fit in the bag of a wide range of players from the high-handicap needing the length and forgiveness to the low/mid handicap wanting something easy to hit, yet good feeling.  You can get both with these irons, game-improvement and forged feel.

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Quick Hits
+Game Improvement
+Forged Feel
+Higher Launching
+Nippon Shafts and Golf Pride Wrap Grips

-Off-set and thicker top lines don’t appeal to better golfers

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