Review: Nike TW13 Free Golf Shoes

The most comfortable spiked shoes you can buy
What is the future of spiked golf shoes? The golf shoe industry is definitely headed in a different direction than it was say 5 years ago. It used to be about the style of the shoe much more so than the comfort. It was either saddle styled shoes or tennis styled shoes. But over the last couple years add to that mix the popularity of spikeless shoes. They have been taking the industry by storm because they are so comfortable and multi-functional. It would seem that spiked shoes are going by the wayside. But after wearing the Nike TW13 Free golf shoes, I have a new found love for spiked shoes. There is a traction that these shoes offer that no spikeless shoe can match. It was next to impossible to get these shoes to slip. I even had one stance when I wanted the shoe to slip and I couldn’t get it to slip.
Tiger Woods has been wearing these now for almost a year, and while they had been on his feet for some time it took a while for them to make it to retail.  These shoes blend together comfort, flexibility and regular golf spikes.  They do it slightly different than your typical shoe.  The materials used are different.  The leather uppers are much thinner, lighter and have a slightly stiffer feel, but they tend to mold to your feet much better than a more traditional shoe.  The thin material is seam sealed all the way around making them impervious to liquids.  I played them in very wet conditions in FL and my feet were perfectly dry. 

The number one reason these shoes are so comfortable is the Nike Free platform.  The design came out of Nike’s running shoe/basketball shoe department with the desire for more flexibility in the shoe’s sole, thus creating better feel and comfort.  While the Nike TW13 Free golf shoes are a little more than just throwing some spikes to their running shoes, the principles remain the same with multiple square sections of the shoe’s sole cut apart by large flex seams, making these the most flexible spiked shoe you will find.

While they are super comfortable it is strange how they do it.  The leather and tongue are different than most shoes. Initially slipping them on, they have a weird sensation.  They don’t feel like slippers, but actually kind of stiff, right out of the box.  With that being said, after 30 seconds they seem to form to your feet perfectly.  I walked in them 18 holes on the first day I wore them with not even the slightest discomfort.  They are soft, flexible and just plain comfortable.   I would have never believed it by the way they felt when I first tried them on.  So before you go to the store, try them on, and don’t really like the feel, make sure you leave them on for a couple minutes and walk around the store.  You will start noticing a change in how comfortable they really are.

I believe there is still a market for spiked golf shoes.  First there are many golfer who still want separate shoes for golfing and different shoes after the round.  Not only is the golf specific shoes market still popular, there are many who still want the added traction of spikes.  I have to admit, these are the grippiest spiked shoes I have ever used.  I think the sole flex allows all the cleats to maintain their grip instead of a stiffer sole causing the cleats to release some as the sole moves.

From an appearance standpoint they are fairly simple.  They are not high-tops as some have said, they are really just a modified low top shoe, very regular feeling with them on.  The only noticeable style feature that is different than most are the spikes/tread that stick out of the inside of the toe area.  You can see the nubs when you look down, but they are not distracting.  They do have a slightly wider toe-box compared to other Nike shoes.  But even though they are slightly different than other Nike Shoes, sizing wise they are the same as other Nike shoes.

If you are looking for comfort and traction, you will not find a better shoe than the Nike TW13 Free golf shoe.  They are flexible, comfortable, grip like superglue and you can walk 18 in them right out of the box.  There is a reason Nike has had problems keeping stores supplied with these shoes, they are that good.  They are the most comfortable spiked shoe you can buy.

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Quick Hits
+Nike’s Free flexible sole
+Out of the box comfort
+Superior traction

–A slightly different look
–Spiked shoe really only works for golfing