Review: Nike Performance Cart Bag

Real "Performance" From This Cart Bag
Golf bags often seem like they are more for show than actual performance.  If they hold 14 clubs, a few balls and a couple tees we are generally happy with that.  But if you’ve had the chance to use a few different bags you will quickly learn that they are not all created equally.  Size, shape, weight, stability and durability all play key factors in bag performance.  While it is easy to see the difference between a cart and a carry bag, sometimes deciding which one in that catagory will serve you best is difficult.  The Nike Performance Bag is very well thought out and offers great bag performance.
The first form factor that sets this bag apart from others is its “square” design.  By that I mean that instead of a big round overall shape (if you are looking down from the top, it is much more square.  The pockets are all squared off and very angular instead of round and puffy.  Why this is a big deal is that if you look at the back of a power cart, it is a big rectangle, so trying to put two round bags in that space doesn’t always work the best.  Even if you have no problems getting the bags on the cart, how useful are they?  All the pockets are accessible on the Nike Performance Cart bag and is very much comparable to the modern day Sun Mountain C130 Cart Bag.


Another key performance feature of any bag is the divider system.  I like 14way divider tops with full legnth dividers inside the bag.  This bag offers that too with very square slots which seem to work very well reducing binding of grips and clubs.  It also is symmetrical so that it can ride in a power cart or on a push cart without a problem.  The real bonus comes with the putter well slot on the side so that you can essentially carry 15 clubs.  I hate having my putter bind with my other clubs, especially due to the high end grip I have on my putter (leather or cork).

The pockets are all accessible when in use on a power cart or push cart.  They all very well thought out.  I appreciate the upper waterproof pocket for wallet, keys and cell-phone.  There is nothing worse than being caught in a down pour and having all that stuff get wet while in your bag.  As the main pockets of use run down the spine of the bag, there is ample space in each one for a range finder, balls, tees, and just about any other accessory you might need.  The both side of the bag have full length pockets capable of holding a coat, pants and shoes.  It is also big enough to hold some training aids too if you want to practice at the course.  There are 2 cooler pockets on the side of the main front pocket.  They will probably hold 2 bottles of water each, so that should be enough to make it through even the hottest of rounds.

The overall function of this bag is great.  It is very stable when you take it out of your trunk and set it on the ground, it is still lightweight enough that it isn’t a struggle to move it from cart to trunk.  It actually feels pretty lightweight on a push cart too.  The finishing details just add to an all ready great performing bag.  There are strap pads on the bag so that power or push cart attachments will not harm it.  The top pocket is magnetic so it flips up so that the straps go underneath it.  There are is a metal ring for towels or other clip on attachments and a slot for a Sharpie and velcro for your glove.  It also has really nice grab handles molded into the bag to help lifting the bag when you need to move it.

The only complaint about bag might be the color selections.  It comes in 3 choices, black and bright yellow, all blue and silver/orange.  I went with the silver/orange which I think looks really cool, but Nike often offers a full palette of colors in their bags, but this one only has 3 choices.

When buying a bag there is more to look at than just the color, there are many differences when it comes to a cart bag’s performance and Nike nailed with this bag, it really does out perform other bags.

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Quick Hits

+14 way divider and putter well
+Accessible large pockets
+”square” design for a better fit
+Push or Power cart top
+Lightweight yet sturdy

–Only a few color choices