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Nippon PRO MODUS 3 130 Shaft Review

10grams Makes These Nippon Shafts Even Better.
Golf is a game of such tiny details: a degree here, an inch there, a millisecond here, a gram there.  Yet at times is can be surprising how small changes can make a big difference.  Especially when it comes to steel iron shafts.  Many people believe that  a steel shaft is a steel shaft.  I have found how far from the truth that is.  There are some really great steel shafts out there and some that simply do not work at all  with my swing.  

There are some that feel great, while others can feel extremely harsh.  Even with that being said, I still didn’t think just changing a couple grams in basically the same shaft would make a big difference, but I was wrong.  Last fall I wrote the Nippon PRO MODUS 3 120 review I hit them very well.  I hit them high and straight with amazing Nippon feel.  The Tour 130 shafts are slightly changed, but even better.

I installed my PRO MODUS 3 Tour 130 set in my Mizuno MP-59 irons review here as well as my James Patrick wedges.  Those were already two of my favorite products from the past year so I was really comfortable with those clubs and knew how the heads should perform.  The swing weight remained the same at D3 with a straight standard install.  As you can see I had the prototype version, prior to the final release of the PRO MODUS 3 Tour 130 graphics.


 Tour 130 version received 10 grams of weight and a couple other tweaks to make them better.   Nippon changed up the shaft profile so that the tip is a little softer and the butt end is a little firmer.  The design is said to have increased the launch angle, yet improved control and dispersion.  It did improve control and dispersion, but for me it seemed liked it brought the launch angle down too. (Which I know is opposite of what was intended, just sharing my findings)  It might be the extra 10 grams or the winter swing that is different than last fall when I was playing the Tour 120s but for me I got everything I was looking for;  better control, excellent feel and slightly lower launch.  Nippon places the majority of the benefits gained with the PRO MODUS 3 Tour 130 on the rigid mid-section which does most of the controlling of spin and dispersion.  Looking at the Nippon chart it may be the added weight along with the “hitter” swing I have that may have caused me to like them so much; I hit down on the ball pretty hard, usually taking a healthy divot. 

I think they offer a pretty consistent flight from top to bottom.  The long irons were easy to elevate, but still offered a very strong flight.  The mid-irons had such a controllable, consistent pattern it was easy to get them dialed in, and in the wedges I found a high yet flat flight so that I could really attack pins with confidence.  I could still hit the knock-down shot with these so it isn’t just high, high, high flight.  If you’ve played different steel shafts I would say these have the control of flight like a DG, but so much better feel.

Not all steel shafts are the same.  Even in one company the difference between the PRO MODUS 3 Tour 120 and Tour 130 shafts was noticeable.   Nippon has really stepped up their game; their success on the PGA tour is proof.  They are not just a lightweight, high launch shaft, but they now have a line that will appeal to stronger US golfers.  I hope that the Nippon PRO MODUS 3 Tour 130 shafts becomes a stock option in some of the new irons coming out.  I think they could be very popular.  Just about every company offers them as a custom option, but I would love to seem them on the rack models. They feel great, go straight and are very easy to control.  If you haven’t hit a Nippon Shaft yet you are missing out.  Both the Tour 120 and the Tour 130 are excellent steel shafts, but for me, the Nippon PRO MODUS 3 Tour 130 are the best fit.

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Quick Hits
+Added Weight
+More control
+Excellent Feel
+Better Trajectory

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